I Joined This Pro-Life Group In Prayer When I Learned They Were praying For A Specific Reason.


After praying hard and long at our nation’s Capitol for our elected Senators and House of Representatives, I walked the cross a couple of blocks away and to the United States Supreme Courthouse. To my surprise, dozens of  news reporters were mingling around the main steps to the Courthouse, as were several pro-life advocates.

These men and women were standing together silently in prayer at the bottom of the long flight of steps. After I hoisted the large cross behind them and prayed long and hard for the Court’s nine justices, I then moved the cross to the middle of the group and joined them in prayer.

Only my prayer wasn’t silent.


Whenever I hoist the cross and pray, I pray loud enough for people all around me to hear because I definitely want everyone to know what I am praying for—and why I am praying.

Conceived Lives Matter! Let Us All Pray That Abortion On Demand Is Eventually Outlawed in Our Nation.

Although I didn’t know it, the pro-life group was there today because the Justices were ruling on a decision as to whether or not the government can force employers, including religious nonprofits, to provide contraceptive coverage to their employees, in violation of their religious beliefs.  I joined the group and asked the God of all life, including the unborn, to vote in favor of religious freedom.

Later that day, we heard the Justice’s decision, a vote in favor of pro-life advocates! The power of prayer continues to not only uphold God’s righteousness, but also slowly but surely topple unrighteous laws and judicial decisions. The battle is the LORD’s but He calls us to show up and pray against the darkness. Amen!

I stayed and prayed for one hour, then said good bye to the pro-life group.

Although I didn’t know it at the time, the large cross and the cross walker made national and international news this day. Reporting on the Justices’ decision, major news media outlets throughout America and the world featured a video or image of the 10-foot cross as I hoisted it and prayed against the American holocaust. Amen.


My next cross walk stop would be downtown D.C. and the large National Fallen Police Officer’s Memorial.

I had been here before, in February 2017, at a time when our nation was at peace with itself. As I hoisted the large cross upright, I couldn’t help but think about the current violent anti-police protests occurring in Richmond, Virginia, Seattle, Washington and Portland, Oregon and other cities across America.

The memorial site was strangely absent of visitors.

As I prayed loud and long, my heart went out for our nation’s 850,000 law enforcement officers, as well as for their families. Because of the unlawful actions of a few police officers, cities throughout the nation were erupting in violent protests and riots against police officers.


“LORD God Almighty. I ask You to send forth a Thick Blue Line of angelic warriors to protect and shield America’s Thin Blue Line. Keep them all from harm’s way as they execute their sworn duty to serve and protect. Watch over and protect their families as well. I also ask You to search out and find those in law enforcement who should not be police officers and remove them from their positions. Give them other jobs and employment so they can take care of their families. Encourage and recruit men and women who will serve and protect their communities in righteousness and faithfulness to the law and justice. Bring great revival to America’s Thin Blue Line! I ask this in the Name of Jesus the Messiah. Amen.”

The special 2-sided tract to the left is one of several publications I hand out to all law enforcement officers in every city I cross walk. Police officers, sheriff’s deputies, state troopers, law enforcement officers—each and every one of them is just like you and me. They are human. But because of the very nature of their jobs and positions of authority, they are not only under constant stress, pressure and danger as they answer calls for help; they also are scrutinized and judged differently than you and me.

That’s why we must pray for America’s Thin Blue Line every day! Defunding police departments isn’t the answer. We must all defend our Thin Blue Line as well as demand that the few police officers who break the law in the line of duty are held accountable. This is both just and righteous in the sight of The Great Law Maker.

I believe in my heart that the overwhelming majority of police officers in America agree that there is no place in America’s Thin Blue Line for bad or corrupt law enforcement officers. Let us all pray to that end.

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