Tom AlexanderStreet Evangelist Tom Alexander has been in ministry since 1973. In 1982 Tom and his wife Jeanette co-founded Teen Scene Inc., a youth-helping program offering a wide range of services to youth and their parents. Teen Scene is the parent organization of Nope to Dope, Gangbusters, Run from Gun, Off the Wall (anti-graffiti), Soul Wars Publications, Convicts for Christ, Crosswalk Bakersfield, and Crosswalk California projects, campaigns, and ministries.

Tom is the author of three books, The Resurrection of Jesus Christ, Keeping Kids Away from Drugs and Other Fatal Attractions, and Addictionary: The Drugspeak of America’s Chemical Culture, and has also written 150 brochures and booklets covering such life-topics as suicide, abortion, marriage, tattoos, cults, the occult, faith, and the born-again experience.

Since 1975 Tom has spoken to over one million youth and young adults about the dangers of drugs use, gangbanging and gun violence. In March 2006, Tom began carrying a 60 pound ten by five foot wooden cross throughout the streets of Bakersfield, California. In 2009 Tom plans to carry the cross throughout the cities of California.