Not Another Drop! Keeping Kids Away From Gun Violence Is One Of Teen Scene’s And Walk The Cross’s Main Goals.

Just like adults, young people “pack,” or carry, guns or other weapons for four primary reasons: PROTECTION, REVENGE, NOTORIETY, or CRIMINALITY. It can be very scary when a bully threatens to harm you. Getting even may seem to be the only way to save face. Carrying a gun to make others respect you might seem sensible to a youth who isn’t popular. Using a gun to commit a crime and obtain what you do not have might seem to be the only solution. But, are these really good reasons to carry a gun or other weapon? Is this what your parents really want you to do?

What about your future? Should jail or prison be part of your legacy? If you carry a gun it will be way to easy to shoot someone who gets you angry or upset. In the heat of the moment, it’s just way to easy to not think out or consider the consequences of using a gun if you are already “packing.”

Here are ten life-building, life-keeping alternative things to carry instead of a gun or other weapon. Read the rest of this entry »