Almost Every Downtown Business Was Boarded Up. Many Had Closed Permanently While Others Made Sure That They Were Closed Long Before Nightfall.

After praying loud and long at the Portland Police Bureau, I walked the cross throughout the downtown area. At each street corner I hoisted the 10-foot, 60-pound cross upright, gently slammed it to the cement sidewalk and prayed hard against the evil forces that were orchestrating the attempted destruction of this city.

I also asked the LORD of warrior hosts to rebuke the human forces who were being used as pawns and who were committing nightly acts of anarchism, terrorism and lawlessness.

I was taken by surprise at the large number of boarded-up businesses. Walking up and down the downtown area, I continued to pray loud and long, that God would take back this city from the evil forces bent on transforming it into a wasteland of lawlessness and destruction.

As I walked the cross and prayed, I sensed an evil presence all throughout the downtown area and everywhere I walked. Constantly rebuking these satanic minions, I asked the Almighty God to send forth His angelic forces and take back this city for the sake of its 660,000 souls.


This Young Man Prayed With Me That God Would Put An End To Racial Injustice And Racism.

Individuals came up and joined me in prayer, which is not surprising. This happens in every city I cross walk, and it took place here as well!

The young Black man in the image on the left joined me in prayer. He was totally against the lawlessness and destruction, but he was also disturbed at the injustice he saw taking place against the Black community, and so we  prayed loud and hard that God would also put an end to racial injustice and racism in our nation.

Throughout this cross walk, several other individuals joined me in earnest prayer for  the city.

Tent encampments were everywhere, as were groups of young people just sitting or lying down on sidewalks at the entrances or right next to businesses.

Many were homeless, while others were waiting around until darkness fail so as to join in or watch the destruction of buildings and assault against the police.


After cross walking and praying downtown for over an hour, God prompted me to return to the police station and pray once again for Portland’s Thin Blue Line.

Directly across the street from the boarded up police station I came across a group of young people sitting on the sidewalk. Two young adult women were lying down on the cement walkway. All ten in this group looked tired and exhausted.

Hoisting The Large Cross Right Next To This Group Of Young Adults, I Prayed For Their Safety.

As I passed by each one I softly declared, “Jesus the Messiah loves you.” Some nodded. Others remained silent. Stooping down to where the young women were lying, I said, “Jesus the Messiah loves you very much.” One woman opened her eyes and softly said, “No He doesn’t.”

I gently assured her that He most certainly did, and that Jesus died on the cross for her and for me as well. Hoisting the large cross upright I began praying loudly for these ten young adults, asking the God of Love to reveal Himself strongly on the behalf of not only these young people but all who were entrenched in the darkness and despair hovering over the downtown area.

Throughout this prayer, the group of young adults remained silent.

I prayed for their safety and protection, and that each would return home to their loved ones, no matter what city or state they lived in.

After praying, I asked if anyone had a special prayer request. None did, so I handed each one a special 2-sided tract card that shared God’s amazing love for them and the message of salvation in Jesus and then began walking across the street to the police station. “Please think about what I shared with you.”


The Young Woman Who Said Jesus Didn’t Love Her Took This Photo!

As I approached the front entrance to the boarded up police station, I nodded at the lone police officer sitting vigil inside the doorway. “The LORD told me to come back and pray once more for you all before I leave.”

He smiled and nodded his head. “Thank you.”

Hoisting the cross upright, I prayed loud and long once again for the safety and protection of Portland’s police force. As I ended the prayer, I felt someone approaching. Opening my eyes, I saw the young woman I had spoken to standing next to the me.

“Hey, I now know Jesus loves me!”

A smile was on her face and she held out her hand. “Thank you for praying for me and my friends. That really meant a lot to us, even though no one told you that.”

The lone police officer was both watching and listening, a surprised expression on his face.

“I am so happy for you!” I lowered the cross to the sidewalk and against a wall. “Thank you for walking across the street and sharing this with me.” She nodded as she looked at the police officer. We spoke for a few minutes, then she said, “Well, I better return to my friends.”

“Is there anything special I can pray about for you?” I asked as she walked away. “No, I’m good now. I just need to convince my friend to leave with me so we can go back home. I’m tired of all this and I’m ready to leave. Thank you again for telling me that Jesus loves me.”

I turned to the police officer and shared, “You know Jesus loves you, too?” He nodded, a smile forming across his face. “Yes, I do,” he answered.

(the final part of this story will be published soon)