(first three paragraphs from Part Three)

An Under Siege And Boarded Up Police Bureau Building

Even though I didn’t expect the TV news reporters to understand my combat prayer completely and why I had prayed at City Hall the way I had prayed, I knew they would listen and, perhaps, agree that ridding the city of satanic influence was vital to stopping the carnage and destruction taking place nightly and nonstop for some 90 straight days thus far.

After ending the prayer, I looked at the reporters and shared, “I’m now headed for the huge police station, to pray like I did here.” They nodded but remained quiet. Still, I knew that these media journalists not only respected what I was doing, but also looked forward to when the nonstop destruction and mayhem would end, even if it happened through prayer and faith in God to rebuke and disarm evil spiritual forces and scatter and shatter human anarchists and lawless individuals.

When I approached the main entrance to the huge police station, I couldn’t believe my eyes.

The huge, block-long Police Bureau building was boarded up tight, in stark contrast as to how it had looked in 2016 when I prayed here the first time. Only one door to the main lobby remained open.

Inside and right next to this open door, a lone police officer sat vigil on a metal chair,


Praying Long And Hard For Portland’s Thin Blue Line.

With the 10-foot cross on my right shoulder, I peeked inside and greeted the expressionless police officer. “Hi. I’m from Bakersfield, California and came here to especially pray for the safety and protection of Portland’s Thin Blue Line!” The officer’s face lit up.

“We are aware of what so many lawless individuals are trying to do to Portland’s Police department, and want you to know there are more with you than against you—even though at night it doesn’t seem that way.” I stretched out my hand, which held a special 2-sided tract I give to all police officers I meet.

The officer got up and accepted the tract, and began reading it as he sat down. “I am going to ask the living God to rebuke and punish the lawless individuals who have plundered and set fire to downtown for the past 90 days in a row.” He kept reading the tract.

“Then I will ask God to send forth His mighty angelic angels and protect each and every one of you, including your family members, and give you all His peace as you execute your duty to serve and protect in spite of all the dark forces against you, which includes some of the city’s own elected officials.”


All Authority In Heaven And On Earth Is The LORD’s!

The lone police officer smiled big when I shared my intentions to pray for him and his family. “Thank you,” he softly replied. “God knows we need this to all end. It is wearing down the morale of many.” He continued to read the 2-sided tact.

I nodded my head, and then hoisted the 10-foot cross upright and softly but firmly slammed the 60-pound cross to the cement. “God of Shekinah glory and omnipotent authority, let this spot be Your divine epicenter and ground zero where Your power, might and authority are released today like a ferocious firestorm and spreads like an unrestrained wildfire throughout this entire city of Portland! Give Your command, LORD and let Great Revival began now!”

“LORD GOD Almighty, I ask You to strongly rebuke Satan and to completely strip and divest the satanic principality of lawlessness hovering over this city of its power, influence and grip over Portland and those elected officials who are allowing the city’s destruction to occur.” I paused, then continued. ” LORD Sabaoth, commander in chief of Heaven’s angelic host, I ask You to find, bind and blind the unclean spirits and demons plaguing this city with hatred, confusion and fear and send them and then confine them to the Abyss, never able to influence humans again. In Jesus the Messiah’s Almighty Name I ask these things. Amen”


We Must Ask God To Bind The Satanic Principality Hovering Over An Embattled City Before Great Revival And Great Awakening Can Take Place.

My warfare for the welfare prayer for Portland and its 645,000 souls included praying for all the city’s elected officials, city workers, and homeless individuals, as well as against those lawless individuals and payed agitators who were nighty engaged in physical warfare against Portland’s Thin Blue Line. These physical and dangerous assaults against businesses and the police officers trying to protect downtown had been taking place nonstop for 90 days, with no ending in sight until the area was completely destroyed.

So, I asked the God of Mercy to intervene on the behalf of the citizen’s of Portland and its brave but growing weary Thin Blue Line and destroy the willpower and the flesh of all human anarchists, lawbreakers and agitators and send them fleeing for their lives out of the city and back to where they came from.

This is a biblically-based prayer as taught by the apostle Paul and is to be used against human individuals who continue to rebel against God’s will. A prayer that, no doubt, a rebellious Saul the religionist (later turned Paul the apostle) understood after he himself had been struck blind by God on the Road to Damascus, where he was headed to round up Christians, to bind them and to bring them back to Jerusalem for possible execution (Acts 9).

(Part Five Of This Six Part Story Will Be Posted Soon)