With 41 states and state capitals cross walked and prayed long and hard for since September 11, 2015, Jeanette and I were so looking forward to taking the 10-foot cross to the final nine states!

Mid-April 2020 was our original plan to take the cross to the nine Northeastern Seaboard states and all the way to Maine. But with so many states being closed due to the virus, we had to postpone the cross walks until June 30. And when that day arrived, we were more than ready to depart.


The first of these nine states would be Delaware.

But first…God put it on our hearts to revisit and pray in Richmond, Virginia and then Washington, D.C. We had walked the cross and prayed long and hard in these two cities in 2017. But because of the violence and riots breaking out all across the nation, as well as an attempt by some cities to defund their police, especially in Richmond, D.C., Portland, Oregon and Seattle, Washington, we felt the urgent need to pray again at these two cities on our way to the East Coast.

(You can read about the Richmond, Virginia and Washington D.C. cross walks by logging onto our website, WalkTheCross.com.)


Members Of A Traveling Lacrosse Team, These Teens Gladly Accepted The Football.

It was a wet and rainy Friday afternoon when we reached Dover. We don’t get much rain in Central California, and the gentle yet constant rain falling on Go-Ye-Mobile-2 as we drove to our motel was very pleasing to the soul.

Dover is a beautiful city of 38,000 souls. We instantly fell in love with the city. As we checked into our motel room for the weekend, we praised God for such a wonderful time and motel site. Our room faced a very large lake! And though it was raining, I just had to go across the parking lot to the lake and take in the freshness of the day.

I always carry a football in the truck for a specific reason. As we looked toward the lake from our room, a group of older teens mingled around the parking lot next to the lake. Pointing to the teens I said, “I’ll be right back.” Unlocking the truck, I located the football and walked toward the teens. “Hi, I’m Tom,” I shared to no one in particular.

I shared our mission, and they all listened intently. “Here’s a football for you,” I announced, tossing the pigskin to one of the teens. “You know, major league baseball players often warm up by throwing a football.” The teens looked surprised, but they began to toss the ball around. I also handed each one a special two-sided tract about Jesus Christ. Each one gladly accepted the tract as well. “Jesus Christ loves you all,” I shared as I slowly walked back to our room. “Thank you for the ball!” one of the teens yelled as I walked away. “And for sharing what you and your wife are doing.”


Delaware’s 975,000 Souls Need The Lord! To That End, My Prayer Was That God Would Send Great Revival Throughout The Land!

The next morning the rain had stopped. Since the Capitol building was under two miles away, decided to cross walk from the motel along the very busy highway/main street.

Though it was 8:00 in the morning, people were already out and about. And they were very happy to see the cross!

People passing by in cars and trucks honked their horns and gave the thumbs-up sign as I slowly made my way to the cross street that would take me to the capitol building. I handed out two-sided tract cards to people walking by on the sidewalk and shared our reason for being in Dover.

Like the other eight states, Delaware is considered liberal. But that certainly didn’t stop anyone from taking the tracts! As I walked I prayed out loud and for all to hear, asking the LORD of the Harvest to send forth the Spirit of revival throughout Dover and the entire state of Delaware.


Hoisting The Cross And Praying For Great Revival And Great Awakening At Delaware’s State Capitol.

It was an easy cross walk to the capitol. Though it was Saturday, there were a few people walking throughout the Capitol Mall. Walking the entire perimeter of the large capitol building, I hoisted the 10-foot cross upright at each major compass point—North, East, West, South sides—of the building and prayed hard, loud and long for the state’s elected leaders, that they all will eventually give their lives to Jesus the Messiah!

I most definitely felt the presence of the LORD as I walked the Capitol Mall and prayed for great revival to arrive.

As I do at every state capital, I rebuked the satanic forces of evil that most definitely and adversely influence, obsess, oppress and even possess elected officials, asking the LORD of warrior Hosts to send forth a battalion of angelic warriors to rid the executive, legislative and judicial branches of Delaware’s state government of all spiritual darkness.

We have seen God do just that in other states. And certainly, Delaware and its 975,000 souls are well worth the effort to pray for and actually see great revival breaking out throughout the land.


Jeanette Praying At The State Capitol Building For The Salvation Of Delaware’s 975,000 souls!

Normally after  praying for two or so hours at each capitol, I load up the Go-Ye-Mobile and return to the motel. But since I had walked from the motel, I called Jeanette and asked her to pick me up—for a very special reason.

Jeanette usually remains in our motel room and prays as I cross walk. But today was a great time to have my wife also hold up the cross and pray for Delaware and its citizens.

I am always blessed each time Jeanette gets to pray at a state capitol complex. Hoisting the 60-pound cross upright, she prayed for the people of Dover and the entire state of Delaware. As she prayed, God’s power was released and I could feel in my spirit that He was answering her prayer!

What a sight to behold! A woman with a 10-foot cross praying for the salvation of souls!

The Bible declares, “He who finds a wife finds a good thing, and obtains favor from the LORD.” (Proverbs 18:2). That good thing is marriage! And our almost 45 years of marriage has definitely been good. Amen.

We could have stayed longer in Dover. It is one of our favorite capital cities we have prayed at. The people are friendly. The city is beautiful. And the rain was very pleasant to our souls. But there were eight more states to cross walk.


As We Travel Throughout The Nation, This Is The Message Of The Cross People See: Jesus Is The Love Of God!

The drive to Trenton, New Jersey was easy. With a population of some 83,000 souls, Jeanette and I really enjoyed our stay at this beautiful capital city as well.

After a good night’s rest, I headed a few miles to the capitol mall, while Jeanette stayed in the motel room, praying for the people of this great state and for hearts to be receptive to God’s Good News and The Message of The Cross.

Response is always good as we travel up and down freeways, highways, roads and streets in Go-Ye-Mobile-2. People often slow down and drive alongside us as they read the various signs on the truck. This happened several times as I headed for the New Jersey state capitol.

Often, whenever we pull into gas stations to fuel up, other travelers approach us and say, “We were hoping you would stop for gas too! Just wanted to let you know how much we appreciate your ministry.” They always ask where we are headed and if we are going to their state as well. The answer is usually yes!


Praying For The Salvation Of New Jersey’s 9 million Souls At The State’s Beautiful Capitol Mall.

Like other capitol buildings, this one was also undergoing major repairs to the outside. Hoisting the large cross upright, I prayed hard, loud and long for great revival, great awakening and great godly sorrow that produces genuine repentance to break out in Trenton as well as the entire state.

After the long prayer, I sensed the presence of an individual behind me and turned to look. A man had his head bowed in prayer. Though he prayed quietly, I could hear his plea to God: “Lord Jesus, pour out Your Spirit of great salvation upon the people of this state.”

Before I could greet him, he quickly turned and left.

“Thank you for praying with me for your state!” I called out for him to hear.

The man answered, “Thank you for coming from California and praying for New Jersey.” He never looked back, but continued walking away. As he disappeared around the corner, my mind filled with puzzlement. HOW DID HE KNOW I WAS FROM CALIFORNIA?


Her Husband Shared That She Really Wanted A Picture With The Large Cross And The Man Who Was Praying For Their State.

I really didn’t know what to make of the encounter with the man at the capitol. But throughout my 47 years in full-time ministry, there have been times when I was completely aware of angelic presence, especially in times of possible endangerment. For whatever reason, perhaps this was one of those times. All I know is that  my mind was filled with great peace as I continued the cross walk throughout the capitol mall.

After praying for two hours throughout the huge capitol mall complex and surrounding government buildings, I walked throughout the downtown area, hoisting the cross upright on street corners and praying loud and long for all to hear.

Response to the message of the cross and my prayers was very positive.

City workers, construction crews, blue collar, white collar, pink collar—people from all walks of life came up and thanked me for praying for their city and state. The one message that each one expressed to me was:

“Our state really needs prayer!”

As this cross walked ended, and as I loaded up the cross on Go-Ye-Mobile-2, a great sense of joy and happiness filled my spirit. Today, the cross was like a large plow—breaking up the clods, the hard, the stony and the thorny ground of people’s hearts and exposing the good ground so that the Good Seeds of  salvation could be sown into those hearts.

Even so Lord Jesus, let great revival break out in Trenton and throughout the entire state of New Jersey! Amen and amen.

(Part Two Of The Final Nine Will Be Posted Soon.)