Demons And Unclean Spirits Dine Where Chronic Lawlessness Abounds.

(First five paragraphs are from Part One, Portland, Oregon Cross Walk)

As I hoisted the large cross and began praying on the sidewalk at the next intersection, I felt someone approaching and then head a male voice: “Help me, please!”

I looked at the young man now standing next to me. Wrapped in a blanket, his face was filled with both fear and hopelessness. “This demon keeps telling me to kill myself and the voice won’t get out of my mind!”

This young man was demon-possessed—and he wanted to be set free!

I listened as he shared what was going on in his mind. Confusion, disorientation, fear, paranoia, helplessness. The demon had done its damage to the soul, mind and body of this young man. “Can you help me?!” he asked. His plea was loud.

There were people around, and several were looking on.


In 2016 And Now In 2020, God Gave Me This Verse Prior To Both Cross Walks. Now I Knew Why!

I waited patiently as this young man frantically attempted to share what the demon was doing to him. In a nutshell, the unclean spirit wanted him to take his own life and was driving him insane and toward that end. In his desperation, he saw a man with a large cross and came running across the street for help.

The typical look of a demon-possessed individual was on his face: a terrified look of despair and fear, darting eyes that continued to look this way and that way as though fearfully watching and waiting for someone or something to appear, and a restlessness that swiftly alternated between wanting to run for his life and  staying. This young man wanted help! He wanted deliverance from evil spirits. Even though he didn’t know what to do, the desperate look in his eyes told me that he hoped I knew what to do.

I did!

Lowering the cross to the cement sidewalk and against a wall, I stretched out my right arm and touched his shoulder with my hand. Immediately he calmed down and stood silent and still. “In the Name of Jesus the Messiah I command you unclean spirit to come out of this man!” I gripped his shoulder firmly and repeated the command. “Come out now!”

At this command, the young man’s shoulders drooped and he let out a loud sigh of relief. He opened his eyes and a smile formed across his face. “Hey, I don’t feel that thing anymore!” I nodded and continued to listen as he spoke. “What happened? I no longer feel the way I felt.” He was animated but not like before, when the demon was controlling his movements.

“Jesus the Messiah set you free!” I answered. “You asked Him to…and He did. You said you wanted to be set free, and God answered your prayer!” The young man looked at me in amazement. The look on his face and countenance was completely different than before.


All Lives Matter To Jesus! It’s Not A Matter Of Race Or Color. It’s A Matter of Sin And Grace. And God’s Colorblind Love Is For All!

“I’m going back home to Idaho,” he exclaimed, with deep joy in his words. “I can go back home! I don’t have to stay here any more!” Apparently the unclean spirit had kept him from going back to his home and family in Idaho, with the intention of eventually having him kill himself after using him to help destroy Portland.

The young man was so happy, he just couldn’t contain himself. Without even thinking, he took off! “Thank you!” he yelled as he left. “I am free. I am OK. I can go home. I can go home today!” The people around us stood watching in silence, not really knowing what to make of this event. “God set him free from demons,” I simply explained.

With that, I gave each of them a special 2-sided tract,  placed the cross on my shoulder and softly said, “Jesus the Messiah loves you. He cares about your city. He wants you to take back your city. That’s why I am here. To pray for all of you…that you accept Jesus as your Savior.” I paused as I slowly walked away. “I hope you do!”


The young man disappeared completely. As far as I could tell, he was headed back home to Idaho! Jesus the Bondagebreaker set this young man free from the demon controlling him. Apparently, the young man felt he had to leave Portland right and then and there. I asked Jesus to keep him free and safe and bring him back home to Idaho, then began the short walk to City Hall.

As I approached this huge building, I was surprised at what I saw. Demons were certainly in charge of Portland.

***(Part Three Continues This Story And Will Be Posted Soon)***