The Torn And Tattered Makeshift “Memorial” Reads DEFUND, A Reference to Ongoing Attempts To Defund And Strip The Portland Police Department Of All Funding.

(first two paragraphs are from Part Two, Portland, Oregon Cross Walk)

The young man disappeared completely. As far as I could tell, he was headed back home to Idaho! Jesus the Bondagebreaker set this young man free from the demon controlling him. Apparently, the young man felt he had to leave Portland right and then and there. I asked Jesus to keep him free and safe and bring him back home to Idaho, then began the short walk to City Hall.

As I approached this huge building, I was surprised at what I saw. Demonic forces of evil were certainly in charge of  downtown Portland.


The first floor windows of City Hall were all boarded up. At the main entrance, it was quite apparent that someone had tried to burn down the building. Inside, glass from the broken windows was heavily scattered across the floor. A torn and tattered huge makeshift “memorial” composed of plastic flowers still stood tall at the building’s entrance.

News reporters from a local TV station were milling about, possibly waiting for another group of anarchists or Antifa members to march to City Hall and “peacefully” demonstrate. The small group filled me in on what had taken place the last few days, although I already had seen TV news accounts of the attempt to burn down City Hall. One reporter shook his head and said, “These so-called peaceful protests are destroying downtown Portland. And no one is doing anything to stop the destruction.”


Street Evangelist Tom Alexander Praying Loud And Long Against The Spiritual Forces Of Darkness Surrounding Downtown Portland.

I nodded in agreement. “That’s why I’m here, ” I answered. “To pray long and hard for your city. I looked at all four TV news reporters. “I’m from Bakersfield, California, and there are many people there who are concerned about your city. This is my second time to walk the cross and pray here.” As I spoke, I hoisted the 10-foot cross upright and next to the makeshift memorial.

“I was here in 2016 and it sure was different then than now.” The LORD has brought me back to pray against the destruction of your city by thugs, anarchists and Antifa.” With that, I began to pray.

My prayers are loud and long. I want people to know why I am praying and what I am asking The LORD of Warrior Hosts (YHWH Sabaoth) to do.

This was a fifteen-minute beseechment to God.

I asked the Almighty God to rebuke the evil spiritual forces surrounding downtown Portland and to also rebuke the evil individuals who were orchestrating the destruction of the city as well as those who were following their satanic directives. OF COURSE, THESE INDIVIDUALS WERE BEING PAID TO DO THIS.

My combat prayer against the forces of darkness and evil human pawns consisted of much more than what I can write in this article. BUT THE ONE THING THAT WAS SO VITAL TO PRAY AGAINST WAS!


Stealthic, Invisible Forces Of Evil Were Attempting To Destroy Oregon’s Largest City.

It is vital that we understand what we’re up against anytime we pray for a city under demonic deception and siege. The sixth chapter of the book of Ephesians reminds believers that our fight isn’t primarily against flesh and blood, but against evil spiritual foes. The apostle Paul lists the four types of wicked spiritual foes in order of their rank in the satanic government hierarchy. They are:

  1. Principalities, or Stealthic Diabolical Overlords.
  2. Powers, or Invisible Satanic Judiciaries.
  3. Rulers Of Darkness, or Unseen Diabolical Legislators.
  4. Wicked Spiritual Hosts, or Demonic Grunt Forces.

My prayer was long and primarily against the satanic principality that was orchestrating the attempted destruction of Portland. A satanic principality is like a general in a human army. And, although the other forces of evil must be defeated as well, it is the city’s diabolical overlord I first asked God Almighty to both rebuke and defeat in the Name of Jesus, and then to rebuke and disarm one by one the other forces of darkness as well.


America’s Thin Blue Line Was Also Under Siege And Attack In 2020.

Even though I didn’t expect the TV news reporters to understand my combat prayer completely and why I had prayed at City Hall the way I had prayed, I knew they would listen and, perhaps, agree that ridding the city of satanic influence was vital to stopping the carnage and destruction taking place nightly and nonstop for some 90 straight days thus far.

After ending the prayer, I looked at the reporters and shared, “I’m now headed for the huge police station, to pray like I did here.” They nodded but remained quiet. Still, I knew that these media journalists not only respected what I was doing, but also looked forward to when the nonstop destruction and mayhem would end, even if it happened through prayer and faith in God to rebuke and disarm evil spiritual forces.

When I approached the main entrance to the huge police station, I couldn’t believe my eyes.

(Part Four continues the Portland, Oregon Cross Walk)