God’s Grace Is Greater Than Any City’s Collective Sins Through Repentance!

On my 74th birthday, November 16, 2021, the LORD of the Harvest had me drive to Portland, Oregon and cross walk and pray long and hard for this embattled city of  661,000 souls. This was expected, and I was glad to drive the 75 miles from Corvallis, where my wife and I were visiting our granddaughter and two great grandchildren for the week, and to pray once again for this beautiful city.

Previously, in 2016 and August, 2020, I had cross walked and prayed long and hard for this largest city in Oregon. In 2016 the downtown area was quiet and serene, and the three hour cross walk was peaceful and a time of great witness for the LORD and of His great grace to the people of Portland and Oregon.

Then came 2020.


Mission Impossible Becomes Mission Possible Becomes Mission Doable Becomes Mission Accomplished In Christ!

The 2020 Covid Scare hit America hard, some states more than others. Because of God’s amazing grace and power, however, my wife and I were able to complete a national cross walk and prayer campaign across all 50 states and state capitals of America in late July, 2020, which had commenced on September 11, 2015 at Sacramento, California. This was quite amazing because so many states throughout America were on lockdown due to the Covid virus, especially the upper nine Eastern Seaboard States, where we were headed to finish up the 50 state national cross walk.

Yet, in spite of the covid lockdowns,  we completed this five year mission, finishing in the state of New York and at its state capitol, Albany, in mid-July, 2020.

Returning to Bakersfield, California, our hometown, we barely had time to relax when the LORD of the Harvest directed us to drive to Oregon due to the extreme unrest and destruction taking place nightly in Portland, Oregon’s largest city.


Her Powerful Prayer For Portland And For My Protection Resulted In An Amazing Cross Walk And Prayer Battle.

The August 31, 2020 Portland cross walk and combat prayer battle was certainly different than the 2016 visit.

From the moment I stepped out of the Go-Ye-Mobile-2 truck, I felt a strong evil presence that just would’t fade away even as I prayed. Unloading the 60-pound, 10-foot cross from the truck and lowering it to my shoulder, I began walking toward City Hall, my first place to pray long and hard.

A block from where I started, a fellow believer living in Portland approached me and asked what I was doing. I had hoisted the 10-foot crss upright and was praying loud and long for the city and its residents. After I shared why I was in Portland, she joined me in prayer for her city. Her prayer was powerful and I felt the presence of God as well as angelic warriors surrounding us.

This fellow believer was very concerned about her city as well as the political leaders who were allowing downtown Portland to be destroyed every night by thugs, anarchists and Antifa. The violence against Portland’s Thin Blue Line was unbelievable, as the mayor had commanded all police officers to not interfere with “these peaceful protests.”

After she and I prayed long and hard for God to intervene and turn back the evil, spiritual darkness hovering over this large port city, I thanked her for praying with and for me and began walking toward City Hall. Combat prayer had prepared me for what I encountered next.


A Powerful Satanic Principality Was Directing The Destruction Of Portland.

As I hoisted the large cross and began praying on the sidewalk at the next intersection, I felt someone approaching and then head a male voice: “Help me, please!”

I looked at the young man now standing next to me. Wrapped in a blanket, his face was filled with both fear and hopelessness.  “This demon keeps telling me to kill myself and the voice won’t get out of my mind!”

This young man was demon-possessed—and he wanted to be set free!

I listened as he shared what was going on in his mind. Confusion, disorientation, fear, paranoia, helplessness. The demon had done its damage to the soul, mind and body of this young man. “Can you help me?!” he asked. His plea was loud.

There were people around, and several were looking on.

(Part Two Continues This Story)