This Is The Type Of The Greening Of California And America We Don’t Want To See Take Place In Our State Or Nation.

Tetrahydrocannabinol. THC for short.  The truth is, if marijuana didn’t contain THC, nobody would be smoking it, much less trying to legalize  or medicalize it.  After all, the real purpose in smoking pot is not to treat the symptoms of a serious illness, but to get high.

The overwhelming majority of young people don’t have terminally-advanced AIDS or cancer. There is not one medically sound reason for a normal and healthy individual to smoke marijuana for medicinal purposes. Again, the real reason for smoking pot is to get high because the individual simply doesn’t want to cope with or experience the mental and psychological discomfort of what are really normal and everyday problems and situations.

Attention Bluntheads, Potheads And Marijuana-be’s

Marijuana Is A “Wreck-reational” Drug.

There are over 400 other chemical compounds besides THC found in marijuana (a.k.a. chronic, hydroponic, grass, pot, cheeba, sense, blunt, skunk, weed).  But it is THC which researchers know the most about. And it is a known fact that THC causes both physical and mental damage to pot smokers. Besides doing damage to your heartlight (motivation), your brain-brakes (willpower) and your moral compass (conscience) THC also damages your body. Here are a few of the things smoking marijuana will do to you besides getting you high.

The Mental Factor.THC damages brain cells and brain tissue, resulting in what is termed the  amotivational syndrome, which is a feeling of emotional flatness, indifference to life and the inability or nondesire to participate in normal life challenges and experiences. This Organic Brain Syndrome (OBS) also results in diminished willpower, lack of concentration, short attention span, increased confusion in thinking, impaired judgment, pathological passivity (zombie-likeness), and hostility toward authority. THC stunts normal cognitive growth and maturing processes, which results in emotional and psychological immaturity for as long as a user smokes the psychoactive substance. In other words, pot smokers remain mentally and emotionally immature  for as long as they use marijuana. Thus, a 22-year-old user who started smoking weed at age 14 is still emotionally and mentally a 14-year-old.

THE PHYSICAL FACTOR. THC speeds up the development of heart abnormalities in users, increasing the heart rate and blood pressure as much as fifty percent each time a joint is lit up and smoked. THC is fat soluble, which means it stays in a user’s body up to thirty days after the initial intoxicative high has ended. Tetrahydrocannabinol damages chromosomes. or the particles in every cell’s nucleus that passes on generic instructions to the next generation.  Pot alters the female menstrual cycle, and can adversely affect the reproductive tract. Use of marijuana by pregnant women can result in spontaneous abortion and stillbirth. Male users produce a greater number of abnormally-shaped sperm and a much lower sperm count. In men, THC results in lower levels of the growth hormone testosterone, which is essential for the proper development of masculine traits. In females, testosterone levels increase as a result of  pot use, resulting in unwanted male characteristics such as hair on the chest, face and arms and the reduction of female traits. THC damages the respiratory system, including the lungs. One marijuana  joint contains sixteen times more cancer-causing tars and carcinogens than one tobacco cigarette. Smoking weed damages the immune system (including white blood cells), which is responsible for warding off sickness and infections in our bodies.

The Flypaper Drug

First You Take The Drug, Then The Drug Takes You.

Marijuana is a flypaper drug. That is, pot is a deceptive chemical which fools both users and nonusers into thinking it is harmless. Unlike heroin, marijuana won’t kill you after one fix.  And unlike meth, weed won’t turn you into a hope-to-die, hardcore “I’ll-do-anything-for-the-pipe” addict. THC is too slick and deceptive for that kind of bum rap. Instead, marijuana baits user with a few pleasant highs before revealing its true colors.

Even though popular rap or rock musicians sing about the amazing virtues of puffing the cheeba, and even though some so-called medical experts are touting the medicinal benefits of  medical marijuana, pot is just like one of those sticky fly traps you can buy at just about any store in town. Once it grabs you, it’s got you. Just like a fly stuck on a sheet of adhesive flypaper, you’re caught. And even though marijuana won’t kill you like heroin, cocaine or meth can, you could lose a few ‘legs” and other important parts of your body (your mind or brain cells for example) before escaping the harmful and adhesive trap.

Marijuana Is Both A Wreck-reational And A Correctional Drug

So someone’s messing with your mind and telling you that marijuana is cool. That smoking the viper is just as normal as learning how to ride a bicycle, drive a car, or experience other youthful milestones. That you can “shoot dope, skip rope, and eat cantaloupe” all at the same time, without any fear or worry about losing out on life.  If you believe all that, then get ready to fall for a bunch of other lies in your young life before you come to your senses and decide to just say no to pot, to the lies, and to the pain and misery.  Be prepared to find out two horrible things about marijuana:  (1) pot is actually a wreckreational, not recreational drug and (2) pot is also a correctional drug. That is, if you decide to use marijuana, you’ll quickly find out what it’s like to get into drug trouble. You could easily end up in jail or juvenile hall because of your involvement with marijuana and the resulting unlawful activities and delinquent behaviors associated with drug use. But even if you manage to elude the police, the principal and other authority figures in your life, once your parents catch you messing around with pot and label you as a “DRUGS-R-US” kid, more than likely they’ll lock you in your room, throw away the key and ground you for the rest of your life. And that’s when Joe Cool becomes Joe Fool, and Joanna Cool becomes Joanna Fool.