Originally Scheduled For April, Due To The Corona Virus, Here We Were Finally Heading Out For The East Coast Five Days Before The Fourth Of July!

On June 30, 2020 Jeanette and I loaded up Go-Ye-Mobile-2 with the 10-foot, 60-pound cross and headed for Washington D.C. After cross walking and praying in D.C., we would head for the upper nine Northeastern Seaboard states, and all the way up to Maine. This would be a very long journey, so we took our time traveling across the country.

The states of Delaware, New Jersey, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Vermont, Massachusetts, New York and Maine would be the last nine of all 50 states we cross walked and prayed long and hard for between 2015 and 2020, and we were looking forward to reaching our first destination.

As we journeyed across the country, Jeanette and I recalled how each of the 41 states so far had received us with open arms, and how tens of thousands of men, women and children had responded positively to the message of the cross! Though each of these 41 states were unique in their own way, the people were the same. The people we spoke with and prayed for love Jesus, and they love America.

But now, we were headed for an area of our nation that was very liberal. As I drove from state to state and toward our first destination, I often wondered what would be the response in each of these birth place of America states. And with the Covid-19 virus in full play, as well as ongoing protests and riots taking place throughout the nation, I most certainly wanted us to to be fully prepared both spiritually and socially.


Richmond’s Besieged Downtown Police Headquarters.

As we traveled toward our nation’s Capitol, the LORD of warrior hosts put it on my heart to stop in Richmond, Virginia and to cross walk and pray for this besieged capital city once again. There was an important reason for this!

Every state capital we cross walk and pray at (41 prior to this 9-state trip), I make it a point to follow on Facebook each city’s news media outlets as well as police departments to keep up with the latest news, and had become friends with a police captain in Richmond. So I already knew that this particular compound was the center of nightly protests and physical clashes with police protecting the huge building.

Due to the civil unrest and riots taking place in Richmond, and specifically at the downtown police headquarters, the huge police compound looked strangely different than when I had cross walked and prayed here in 2017.

Back then, the police department building was open to all. But now, the entire complex was surrounded by large cement barriers and dump trucks used to act as a buffer zone so no one could car bomb or attempt to destroy the building.


Directly Across The Street From Richmond’s Police Headquarters. These Individuals And Many Others Watched and Listened Intently As I Prayed For Police Officers—And For Them, Too!

As I approached the police building, I hoisted the 10-foot, 60-pound cross upright and prayed long and hard for the safety of Richmond’s Thin Blue Line. The prayer lasted one hour, as I lowered the cross on my shoulders and walked around the entire huge structure, asking the LORD of warrior hosts to send forth a battalion of His Thick Blue Line of angelic warriors to protect these men and women from all evil and harm.

Police officers were stationed everywhere around the building, so I shared with each one why I was walking a large cross around the compound and praying. Each and every one thanked me. I also handed each one a special 2-sided tract designed especially for police officers. 


Returning to the front entrance, I noticed a large group of people from across the street standing on the sidewalk and both watching and listening intently as I prayed for Richmond’s police force.

I turned the cross around and began praying loud and long for all the people standing across the street, asking God to protect each of them and their loved ones and to reveal Himself strong on their behalf so each one would accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior if they hadn’t done so or to strengthen them in their Christian walk so that Satan could not deceive them and turn their hearts against an entire police force for the criminal acts of a few out-of-state officers.

We All Must Pray That America Experiences Great Revival! For The Sake Of Us All.

To my surprise, almost everyone of these men and women bowed their heads and joined me in prayer. Many also nodded their heads in agreement as I prayed specific requests, especially that they all would not condemn an entire police force for the unlawful acts of the few.

After praying, I crossed the street with the cross on my shoulder and shook hands with each soul. I also handed them each two special 2-sided tracts that shared God’s love for them as well as the fact that all lives matter to Him! Each man and woman took those tracts and began reading them. “God bless you all with His love and peace!” I spoke out loud as I crossed the street and continued praying for the city of Richmond and its 235,000 souls.


As I had walked the large cross around the police compound and prayed, this particular sign on the upper left caught my attention. There are those who would love to see our nation fall. Not only must we pray for Godly sorrow and repentance to break out throughout our nation, but we must ask God to keep our nation’s Thin Blue Line safe as well. Just think what it would be like without a strong and righteous police force in your city!

God is good! When we pray, He hears us. And I knew that all those men and women who joined me in prayer on this day for their city, their state and even their Thin Blue Line did not want to see the death of America.

What we all want to see, and what we all want every man, woman and child from every race, tongue and ethnicity to experience is not only the abundant life in Christ He promises to give us, but safety and peace and protection from evil, from injustice and from harm as well.

To this end, my prayer for Richmond, Virginia and for all who live in this beautiful town is that, indeed, great revival breaks out all across the land and in every heart and soul living in this capital city.

This cross walk was successful. It accomplished what the LORD of warrior hosts desired—that the name of Jesus the Messiah was proclaimed loudly and proudly. The seeds of salvation, of great revival, of great awakening, and of great godly sorrow leading to repentance, were sown. The rebuking of Satan and his forces of evil were also included in this long prayer and cross walk for Richmond.

Even so, Lord Jesus send forth laborers into this ripe harvest field—even now! Amen.

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