Visalia Is The County Seat For Tulare County And Is A Friendly City Of 125,000 Souls.

Visalia Is The County Seat For Tulare County And Is A Friendly City Of 125,000 Souls.

Brought the large cross to this central valley city of 125,000 souls. Parking a few blocks from the large county administration compound, I walked the cross to the courthouse complex, hoisted it upright and prayed for all justice personnel, including the judges, law enforcement officials and the jury services system, as well those facing charges for any type of criminal activity.

The people were very friendly, and some would come up to me and share how much they appreciated that I was praying at this facility. When I shared that I would be praying at several different locations in their city, they couldn’t believe it. But it was true!


Praying For All The People Living In Tulare County, That They All Accept Jesus Christ As Their Savior.

One young man came up to me and asked for prayer because he had been busted for so-called medical marijuana cultivation. He shared that he had all the state requirements. licenses, etc. Told him that all that didn’t matter, because the federal government trumps state regulations and laws. Federal law bans any form of marijuana possession or cultivation.

He was shocked that I would say this, but let me pray for him anyway.

I prayed that he would receive mercy from the judge, and that he would also come to realize and understand that he really did break the law and repent of this sin. When I asked if he’d like to accept Jesus Christ as his Savior, he said he wasn’t ready yet.

I left it at that but gave him a couple of tract/cards that I pray will help him come to Jesus in due season. Gave him my phone number as well and asked him to give me a call, so I could send him some  in depth information on marijuana.


This Law Enforcement Memorial Contains The Names Of Police Officers, Sheriff’s Deputies And Highway Patrol Officers Who Have Given Their Lives While In The Line Of Duty.

After praying hard and long at this large facility and talking with and praying for several individuals, I walked a few blocks to where Tulare County’s Law Enforcement Memorial is located. I hoisted the cross at this “End Of Watch” Memorial and asked God to bless all the families of these fallen heroes with the peace that only He can give. I also asked God to protect  all law enforcement officers now protecting the cities of  Tulare County, including family members as well. A memorial service had just ended, so I was able to speak with several law enforcement officers and share with them God’s love for each and every one of them.


Praying At Redwood High School For All Of Visalia’s K-12th Grade Students, Located in The Downtown Vicinity.

After praying  for all government officials, including the city’s mayor and the county’s supervisors, I loaded up the cross and headed for downtown. Parking on a side street of Main Street, I walked west on this large street. Downtown Visalia is a beautiful place to hangout, which lots of people were doing. I was able to speak with and pray for many individuals. Friendly people live in this city, which makes my ministry that much easier.

At Redwood High School, I hoisted the cross upright and prayed for all of Visalia’s K-12th grade students, that they all say no to drugs, gangs, guns and violence and YES to Jesus Christ. Marijuana use is a big problem among this city’s youth, so I especially prayed that an anti-drug environment and culture would rise up and help these kids say no to this so-called recreational dug.


It’s Always My Pleasure And Duty To Hoist The Cross At Police Stations And Pray For The Safety Of The Men And Women Who Make Up The “Thin Blue Line.”

I make it my mission to bring the cross to each police department of every city I visit and hoist the cross upright and pray long and hard for the “thin blue line.” I ask God to surround this thin blue line with His thick blue line of angelic warriors and to keep them safe from all harm and evil as they execute their duty to protect and serve the citizens and residents of their cities. It was my great joy to pray for the police officers of Visalia as well.


As the long cross walk came to an end, I couldn’t help but think about all the people I had spoken with, as well as the ones I had prayed for as well. Hoisting the cross at the corner of Main Street and Johnson Street, I asked the Lord of the Harvest for the souls of these men, women and children, that He would send His Spirit of revival throughout the city (and county) and bring thousands to Jesus. I asked God to rebuke Satan and his dark forces and shine His light and love upon the people of Visalia like they’ve never experienced before.

That is what each cross walk is all about. Amen and amen. Glory to the King. \O/