Street Evangelist Tom Alexander praying for great revival to break out at TBN and the city of Tustin

Tustin, California. Home to Trinity Broadcasting Network, the largest Christian television ministry in the world. After walking the cross in Santa Ana, I loaded up the large cross on my “go-ye-mobile” and traveled the short distance to the television network.  I then visited Pastor Ed Smith at Trinity’s on-site Church.

We sat in those gold colored oversize chairs most people who’ve watched TBN have seen. Brother Ed and I had a great time of prayer for Tustin and the people living in this Orange County city. Crime exists in this city just like any other, and I shared with Brother Ed that I would be walking the cross in this area after we had prayed and fellowshipped for a while.

I enjoyed my time at TBN, but there was something much bigger to do in this city. As I walked the cross throughout the area, I rebuked the evil principalities and satanic forces that affect the lives of so many living even in a city where a large network of believers live and work.


I prayed for the city’s Thin Blue Line, its police officers who patrol Tustin night and day to keep the people safe from crime, gangs and other evils. As is always the case, people came up to me for prayer. And that’s what they got from this street evangelist, genuine prayer for their families, their loved ones, and themselves.

The biggest  blessing I got was the response of the people living in Tustin. One thing is certain: because people joined me  in prayer for Great Revival, God will soon pour out His Spirit on this place. The need, like every other city, is great. And God is greater than the need.

It was my privilege to hoist the large cross upright and pray with the people of  Tustin. Because God is not willing that anyone should perish, I can’t wait to hear the good news about God’s outpouring of the Spirit of grace and supplication in this city that’s home to an evangelistic giant. Jesus is Lord of all, and He’s about to show Himself strong on the behalf of the men, women and children living in Tustin. Thank you, Ed, for taking time to fellowship with this street evangelist. Amen and amen.