It Was A Great Pleasure To Pray At This Courthouse And For The People Of Tulare.

After walking the cross all morning in Visalia, just a few miles north of Tulare, I drove the go-ye-mobile south on Highway 99, to this city of 57,000 souls. After taking a 15-minute break to eat, parked the truck at the city’s Zumwalt Park and walked the cross throughout the corridor housing the county and city government facilities.

The people of Tulare are very friendly and though they had never seen a cross walker, most of them waved as I passed by, on my way to the Superior Courthouse building. Hoisting the large cross upright, I asked God to bless all justice personnel and to help the people of Tulare say no to drugs, gangs, violence and criminal activities. I asked the Lord to send a special revival to Tulare and bring many men, women, children, families and individuals to Jesus.

Praying For The Mayor, Councilmembers And City Personnel.

Walking a few steps to City Hall, I hoisted the cross and prayed for the mayor,  councilmembers and all city personnel, that they accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior. Spoke with several people about the cross walk and shared that I was praying for their city. Each one was surprised that a stranger was praying for them and for their city.


Praying For Tulare's Thin Blue Line, That's God's Thick Blue Line of Angelic Warriors Keep Them Safe From All Harm.

As I walked toward the Police Department building, I met Crystal, a young woman working for the city’s thin blue line. She is a believer  and was pleasantly surprised to see me. We talked for several minutes. I asked her what I should pray about concerning Tulare. Crystal shared that the city has a drug and gang problem and that it is a blighted and poor city.

We prayed for Tulare and for her family. Her grandfather had just passed away and, of course, there  was much sorrow among family members. I was impressed with her dedication to and love for Jesus, as well as how open and pleasant she was toward a stranger toting a large cross. She was an encouragement to this cross walker because of her open enthusiasm and excitement about the cross walk.


Johnny Is A Believer And Was On His Way To Work At A Church When He Saw Me.

After hoisting the cross and praying for Tulare’s police officers and personnel, I thanked Crystal for taking some pictures and walked several blocks to Tulare Union high school, which I had passed on my way to City Hall.

As I hoisted the cross and began to pray, a young man carrying a Bible came up to me and asked what I was doing. Told him I was praying for all the students of Tulare, that they say no to drugs, gangs, guns, violence and crime and YES to Jesus.

Johnny is an on-fire Christian and I enjoyed listening to his enthusiasm and excitement at seeing the large cross. We prayed for the kids of Tulare, and I prayed for Johnny, that God would bless him to be a blessing for all the people of this great little city. After talking for several minutes, we said good-bye and headed off in different directions, a smile on both our faces…and our faith.


A Beautiful Park To Hoist The Cross And Pray To An Awesome God For Great Revival In This Friendly And Great City.

Rounding out the cross walk, I headed for Zumwalt Park, hoisted the cross and prayed long and hard for all the people living in Tulare. I asked God to send forth a mighty revival throughout the city and to bring an overflowing abundance of souls to Jesus. I enjoyed this special prayer and felt His great presence as I interceded on the behalf of men, women and children living in this city.

As I headed toward the go-ye-mobile I noticed three young men in the park so I went over to talk with them. All are believers, and we had a great and wonderful time talking about Jesus, God’s great love and the cross walk. They were all amazed at the fact that a stranger would come to their city with a very large cross and pray for them. They offered me food, but I had to decline. I thanked them for their kindness and for the great conversation.

As I loaded the cross on the go-ye-mobile, these three young men kept watching and smiling big. Made me feel great, of course, As I drove off and toward the Freeway, we all waved at each other and gave the One Way Sign.

Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Life. Today, in Tulare, a lot of people were reminded of this great and ultimate truth.  My prayer: God, because I was here today in Tulare, let the people of this city never be the same. Send your Spirit and bring these precious souls to Jesus Christ, the great Shepherd of life. Amen. Glory to the King. \O/