Tom hoisting the cross at the end of the very popular and busy Santa Monica pier and praying for citywide revival

“Walk The Cross

(new life in Christ version)

(Walk the cross and you’ll be sitting on top of the world)

Don’t be afraid to try the greatest ministry around.

Everybody should try it once;

Those who don’t just have to put it down.

You walk the cross down a street, pray and praise,

And baby that’s all there is to the cross-walking craze.

(Walk the cross and you’ll be sitting on top of the world)

Not just a fad cause it’s been going on so long,

All the cross-walkers just keep going strong.

They said it wouldn’t last long…

But they’ll eat their words with a fork and spoon,

And watch ’em, they’ll hit the streets and all be walking soon.

And when they walk the cross they’ll be sitting on top of the world.

The Endless Easter! Sure beats The Endless Summer. And since 1973 that’s what I’ve been doing. Forsaking my plans and my schemes, my desires and my dreams, and sharing with everyone that I can that Jesus Christ is the Resurrection and the Life! When I gave my life to Jesus, He gave me forgiveness of my sins and something very special the Bible calls eternal life, and what I call The Endless Easter. Where I once was a hope-to-die surfer and moondoggie (a night surfer) I am now a hodaddy (a nonsurfer), giving up the long board for the long cross. I still enjoy the beach and Beach Boys music. That’s why I take their songs and turn them into cross-walking safari tunes. Thus, “Catch A Wave” is now “Walk The Cross.”


The measureless love of God, the timeless Cross, the Endless Easter, and the vastless sea of humanity

A Very Crowded Beach and Pier

Santa Monica is a very popular city and beach town. All the people from Los Angeles and surrounding cities frequent this beautiful town. I couldn’t wait to bring the cross to this world-renown vacation spot and share with residents, tourists and visitors alike that the cross of Jesus Christ is God’s plus sign to the world! This Good News boy was ready to deliver the always fresh, new and up-to-date front-page headline story about the awesome resurrection of  the great God and Savior Jesus Christ.

After cross-walking Venice Beach and Muscle Beach on a pleasant Saturday afternoon, Jeanette and I loaded up the cross Sunday morning and headed out singing our song of praise to the living God. Our destination: Santa Monica beach boardwalk and pier.


The go-ye-mobile and the cross inside the beachfront parking lot

We parked the go-ye-mobile at the beachfront parking lot, prayed and then headed north on the boardwalk and toward the Santa Monica pier. Santa Monica’s boardwalk is very wide, and it didn’t seem to be busy, although it was.

Santa Monica beach is a beautiful spot to hang out, as indicated by the large number of people having fun on the shoreline or in the ocean. Later we would enjoy the beach, but for now  my mission was to pray for the residents, tourists and visitors and to share with as many people as I could that the cross of Jesus is God’s plus sign. It was now time to have church on the streets!


People need the Lord...for salvation...for forgiveness of sins...and for healing of the body.

The walk on the boardwalk was easy and pleasant. The man in the picture asked me to pray for him, not only for his healing, but for loved ones as well. We prayed and then talked for several minutes. He was real happy to see me and thanked me for taking the time to pray with him. I told him that that’s what Church on the Streets is all about, taking the cross to where the people are and sharing God’s love  with them, including praying with everyone who had a need. I gave him a couple of special tract cards and asked him to call me if he needed additional prayer about anything else.


The cross-walker amidst the huge crowd with the pier's popular amusement venue in the near distance

Walking On Water Via The Pier

From where we parked on the beach, the pier was fairly close. Reaching this  huge recreation/fishing pier, Jeanette and I soon realized where all the people were at. They were all on the pier! As I made my way through the crowd, greeting and shaking hands with countless numbers of men, women and children, it soon became apparent that many of the people on the pier were from different countries.

Although we could not understand each other as we shook hands, the cross is a universal symbol of  faith that is understood by all people no matter what country they come from. The smiles on their faces revealed to me that they knew what I was doing. Of course many did speak English. We met people from the Netherlands, France, Germany, the Middle East, and Mexico. Conversations were long because of the many questions the people had about this particular cross walk.


People need the Lord. Tom prays for revival to break out throughout greater Los Angeles

Reaching the end of the pier, I hoisted the 10-foot cross and prayed for Santa Monica and  the greater Los Angeles area, that God would pour out the Spirit of revival and Spirit of great awakening and reveal Himself strong to the men, women and children living throughout this southern California coastline. I am so glad that God is not willing that anyone should perish and that all should come to the knowledge that they need Jesus!

Binding And Loosening, Casting Out And Bringing In

As I do in all cities, I rebuked the forces of darkness that were influencing Santa Monica and keeping so many in spiritual darkness. I did exactly what the Bible tells me to do. I cast down satanic strongholds in the almighty name of Jesus Christ, bound the satanic principality, powers, dominions and spiritual hosts of wickedness surrounding the city and cast them into the place where Jesus sends them, then asked God to loosen His angelic principalities, dominions, powers and spiritual hosts of righteousness to occupy the city. I asked the Lord of hosts to construct His towers of truth throughout the city and area and annex the hearts of men, women and children.


Tom walking the cross on Santa Monica pier and through a maze of humanity who need Jesus

Just like in all the other cities, as I prayed I felt the darkness shatter.

After praying hard and long, I walked the cross toward the start of the pier, feeling great in my spirit because the Lord of  light had rebuked the forces of darkness completely.

Where The Spirit of the Lord Is, There is Liberty

After walking the pier we headed for Third Street (which runs parallel with the beach) and prayed for all the people passing by on their way to the beach or some other fun spot. I was surprised at how many people honked their horns as they passed by, but I shouldn’t have been. Once the forces of darkness are rebuked and ejected from a jurisdiction, people respond much more positive to the message of salvation and to the sight of a large cross.


Santa Monica's tribute to America's fallen heroes

Santa Monica is an amazing city. After the cross-walk, Jeanette and I decided to check out the July 4 memorial to the fallen soldiers who have defended our nation and other nations against human enemies intent on destroying our way of life.

We came across this Independence Day memorial. As we walked the beach, Jeanette and I thanked God for the freedom our nation enjoys because of brave soldiers willing to give their all for our liberty. And we couldn’t help but thank God for giving His all by allowing His Son to die on the cross for our sins, that anyone who believes that Jesus died on the cross for their sins and then rose from the dead shall never die, but have eternal life.

As the day ended, we praised God for all that He had done in Santa Monica. Because we were here today in the name of Jesus Christ, Santa Monica won’t be the same tomorrow. Such is the power of evangelism in His name. Such is the love of God for all people everywhere.