Santa Ana, California. A beautiful city in Orange County, and not far from Disneyland. Many times I had been here, but today I was on official business from the King of the universe, the Lord Jesus Christ. California’s Cross Walker would walk the cross downtown and throughout the city, praying for Great Revival to break out in this city. ¬†Although the government agencies were taking a furlong day off to help with the recession, there certainly were many people downtown and hanging out at the government buildings.

As I hoisted the large cross upright and prayed at the Superior Courthouse building and then at the Police Department, as is my custom, I rebuked the spiritual wickedness hovering over the city and asked God to send forth His mighty angelic warriors and take over the city, for the sake of the people. I felt God’s mighty power as I prayed for all the inhabitants, that they all turn to Jesus and give Him their lives.


At the majestic City Hall I prayed for the mayor and for all other government servants, that they all turn to Jesus and serve the people in righteousness and holiness. Then I walked to the outside Civic Center pavilion, where hundreds of homeless people stood waiting to be fed by a Christian organization. I was able to speak with all of these men and women, and most let me pray with them as well. So many diverse needs. I asked the Lord of life to breathe His great mercy and grace upon each of these precious souls and bring them to Him, as well as keep each one as the apple of His eye.

I then walked the rest of the downtown area, hoisting the large cross upright at each major intersection for all to see. Praying for the city, I felt the urge to rebuke the forces of evil even more, so I did.

After praying long and hard for the city, I checked in at the local Motel 6. Very shortly afterwards, rain fell from the sky like I hadn’t seen for some time. The large cross is waterproof, so I left it suspended on the bed and cab overnight . By early next morning the rain had stopped, so I prepared to journey to Tustin, home of the largest Christian television networks in the world, Trinity Broadcasting Network.


As I loaded up for the short journey, a man approached me. “Is that your cross?” he asked. I said yes and he began praising the Lord for all to hear. He shook my hand and handed me forty dollars. “I’m a believer, too, and am staying here at the motel for a season. Saw the cross last night and left you a note on the windshield to knock on my door before you left this morning.” He paused. “I want to pay for your next motel room.”

Needless to say, we had a great time at the Motel 6 parking lot, praising God and swapping stories about the goodness of the Lord. Forrest (his name) prayed with me for Santa Ana and said he’d keep in touch via e-mail, to pray for my ministry. Of course, there is more to the story, but the most important is this: because of third day believers in Santa Ana and because of the downtown cross-walk, Santa Ana will never be the same! ¬†Jesus is about to open the door of great revival there as well…all because He is not willing that any should perish, but that the men, women and children of this city accept Him as Savior and Lord too. Amen to that.