Street Evangelist Tom Alexander praying at City Hall and for the people of San Fernando

After walking the cross in Santa Clarita I headed south about 15 miles to this beautiful city. Parking the “go-ye-mobile” in First Baptist Church’s parking lot, I unloaded the 10-foot, 60-pound cross, and headed a couple blocks to the large Superior Court House building, hoisted the cross upright and prayed for the people of this medium-size town, that God would send the Spirit of Revival throughout the land. This was around noon and lots of individuals were leaving the Courthouse, including many jurors. Many spoke to me and thanked me for praying for their city and for them. I then cross walked the downtown area, headed for City Hall and the Police Station, to hoist the cross and pray for the men and women working at these government and municipal businesses as well.

People seem to know why I’m in their town, so many do come up and ask for prayer or just to praise the Lord that I am praying for their city. As in every city, third day believers (those who really believe that Jesus rose from the dead just like the Bible declares) came up to me and prayed with me for their city. Of course, my prayer is that this beautiful city experiences widespread revival and great awakening, first among the people who attend churches and then among those who do not know Jesus as their Savior.


After walking the cross for three hours, I returned to First Baptist Church.  Pastor Jim Wilson and five others were having a Bible study. They graciously allowed me to interrupt their meeting to share that I had just walked the cross and prayed for their city. They all praised the Lord, and then asked if they could pray for me, which was quite a blessing to me. What fellowship of the Spirit and love in Christ. As I got up to leave I asked if they would be willing to help pay for my motel room at the next city I was going to, Santa Ana. To my very pleasant surprise, they all reached into their pockets and donated $45 for this important need!

Wow! Praise the Lord. As I left the brothers and sisters, I ┬ájust couldn’t help but praise God out loud. Because of third day believers like Pastor Jim and his small Bible study group. As I headed toward Santa Ana, I knew deep in my spirit that revival…widespread revival…will soon take place in San Fernando! God’s message to all is this: Everybody ought to know who Jesus is! And because of this cross walk through this city, San Fernando will never be the same. Amen.