What A Sight To Behold For A Former Surfer Turned Cross Walker!


(new life version)

The Lord of all life

He saved me one day.

I cried when He said,

I forgive you today.

Now I have the Warmth

of the Son;

It won’t ever die.

Since it seems that everybody who lives in Bakersfield goes to Pismo Beach instead of the southern California surf spots, it was bound to happen. Pismo Beach, here we come, bringing the long cross instead of the long board to this central California beach and walking the streets instead of walking the nose. Surf’s up in Pismo…and so is the long cross!

What A Day For A Cross Walk Custom Made For A Cross Walking Believer

Street Evangelist Tom Alexander And A Young Family From Madera Visiting Pismo For A Day Of Fun In The Sun.

As Jeanette and I arrived at Pismo, we found the local spot to park the “go-ye-mobile.” As I unloaded the ten-foot cross, a young family came up and asked what we were doing.

Jeanette and I shared that I’d be walking the cross in Pismo, starting at the Pier and then walking downtown. They were Christians from Madera and visiting Pismo for the day. I asked if they’d like to pray with us for Pismo and the cross walk, and they enthusiastically said “Yes”. So we prayed. 

I always ask those who pray with me if they’ll  pray first. And they did! Powerful prayers for the people living in Pismo as well as the visitors and tourists. What was so special is that their youngest boy kept climbing onto the cross as we prayed, which made his mom nervous. I told them not to worry about this, and that God was no doubt smiling as He watched all this from Heaven.

At The Cross Is Where We First See The Light

What A Special Joy And Privilege It Is To Pray With Young People And To Praise The Lord Together As Well!

Is there really anything more powerful than young people coming to the cross and asking for personal prayer and for their friends as well? No matter what city I walk the cross in, when young people come running up and ask for prayer, I believe all Heaven pauses momentarily and looks upon as God’s amazing grace pours out upon the youth.

These four young people called me over to where they were at and asked what I was doing. When I shared I was praying for their city, they all shouted “Praise the Lord!” in unison. Then we prayed…for them…for their parents…for their friends… and for their city. I left these young people with a heartfelt prayer for their safety and a cry in my heart that they remain on fire for Jesus and reach out and touch the youth of their city with the message of God’s amazing love in Christ. With the world behind them and the cross before them,  my prayer is that these young people continue to follow Jesus with all their strength and might.

No Better Feeling Than Having Church On The Streets For Everyone Passing By To Hear Young People Praise The Name Of Jesus Christ!

In a culture that’s trying hard to keep people from seeing the cross and accepting the free gift of eternal life in Christ, it’s refreshing to have a large number of young people approach this cross walker in every California city I go and rejoice at the sight of the large cross. Pismo Beach was no exception!

These young boys were very excited to see the cross. I was able to talk with them for several minutes and answer their questions about why I was in Pismo. What blessed my heart is the very positive comments they made about my cross walking safari. These three young men were actually walking with their parents toward the pier, but stayed behind and asked for prayer for themselves, their family and for their friends. Church on the streets at Pismo Beach!

Surf’s Up In Pismo…And So Is The Cross Of Jesus Christ!

Street Evangelist Praying At The City's Popular Pier For The People Living In Pismo Beach And The Surrounding Communities.

The day passed by quickly, as Jeanette and I walked the downtown area as well as the beach and onto the busy pier, talking with people, praying for people, hoisting the large cross upright at different intersections, and bringing the Endless Easter to Pismo Beach. We met several people from Bakersfield, including a man and his family whose two children I had officiated at each of their respective weddings. They were surprised  and elated to see us walking the cross on the pier.

As the cross walking safari ended this day, I hoisted the large cross one final time at the Pier and prayed for the entire community and the people living in this central California coastal town. Because of the cross walk,  Pismo Beach and surrounding communities will never be the same, as the Spirit of Revival moved in the lives of many men, women and children. Praise the Lord for the opportunity to lift up the name of Jesus Christ in this peaceful and beautiful coastal city. Now it was time to enjoy the beach with our family before heading home that night to Bakersfield.

The Warmth Of The Son And  A Beach Fire As Well

Tom, Shiloh, Gemma and Becka Working Hard To "Help" Nathan Dig Out A Fire Pit To Barbecue Hot Dogs And Roast Some 'Smores.

Whenever Jeanette and I walk the cross in any coastal town, we make it a point to end the day by enjoying the beach for an hour or two and watch the sun go down, basking in the glory and power of the living God who spoke the ocean into existence  with one simple command.

Our trip to Pismo was a little different. Our daughter Shiloh, her husband Nathan, our granddaughter Gemma, and her friend Becka were spending a few days in Pismo, so after the cross walk, we met up at the beach and enjoyed a time of laughter and fun together, goofing off and baking clams, eating ‘Smores, and then enjoying a blazing fire before saying good-by and returning home. Who says walking the cross isn’t fun, fun fun?