The world-renown Rose Bowl, home to some very great and exciting college football rivalries. 

What a way to start a new week of cross-walking. Beautiful day in Pasadena, home to the nationally-known Rose Bowl. Arriving downtown, I found a great place to park, just a block away from City Hall. The people were already awake, even though it was around 8:00. Already getting all kinds of smiles and car horns blowing as I made my way to the massive City Hall building. The Spirit of God was in this place, that’s for sure.

As I walked the cross up to the building and hoisted it upright, people were already making positive comments about the large cross. To my pleasant surprise, a city worker came up and asked if he could pray for the city as well.

He prayed long and hard for his city, as I agreed with him in prayer. After a nice and long prayer, we spoke of the needs of Pasadena and the people in general. His coworkers looked on in amazement, not used to the sight of their boss praying with a street evangelist holding a ten-foot cross upright and smack dab in front of City Hall.

I then walked to the huge Police Department building, hoisted the cross upright, and prayed for Pasadena’s thin blue line, asking God to send His thick blue line of  heavenly host to keep these men and women safe from all harm as they execute their duty to serve and protect the people of Pasadena. Several police officers came out and waved as I stood praying for their safety and protection, and for the Spirit of Revival to break out among all of them.


I then lowered the large cross  upon my shoulder and headed for Colorado Boulevard, the well-known main street of Pasadena. To my pleasant surprise, I was immediately greeted by the people hanging out on this beautiful street lined with beautiful buildings. People came up to me and asked for prayer, as if they already knew why I was there. Vehicle horns sounded loud and people shouted out, “Praise the Lord” and similar greetings. I felt the presence of the Lord in this place, that’s for sure!

As I walked north on Colorado Boulevard, more and more people came up to me and either thanked me for praying for their city or asked for specific prayer for themselves or loved ones. At each major intersection, I hoisted the cross and prayed long and hard in the sight of hundreds of men, women and children passing by. People always came up and asked for prayer.

And prayer they got.


One young woman came up and asked me to pray that she would no longer be a workaholic because she desperately wanted to spend more time with her husband and young daughter. She was very sincere about this, because when a newspaper reporter came from out of nowhere and asked if he could interview me, she turned to him and said, “Not before he prays for me!”

So I prayed long and hard for her. Afterwards, she stayed around as the reporter asked me questions and took my picture for the city’s main newspaper, the Pasadena Star News. He was a believer and was quite amazed about the cross walk. The young woman just couldn’t hide her enthusiasm and kept telling the reporter just how great this whole thing was. A crowd gathered and they all not only expressed joy about the cross walk but started having church on the streets!

Needless to say, this was an extraspecial cross walk.

I found that, throughout the long cross walk up and down Colorado Boulevard, the response was always upbeat and boisterous in Jesus, which was great. Many showed their appreciation by contributing to my ministry and for the next cross walk, which would take place in San Bernardino. One thing was certain: because of this long cross walk in Pasadena, the city will never be the same. Revival was ignited by the enthusiasm of the people and the faithfulness of a cross walker, who would have everybody know just how much God loves them and their city. Amen and amen.