Orange, California. After walking the cross in Tustin (home to Trinity Broadcasting Network) I traveled a few miles to this beautiful and serene city. Parking the “go-ye-mobile” a couple blocks from the downtown area, I unloaded the ten-foot, 60-pound cross and walked east to this city’s main street. Immediately the car horns started up.

Lots of believers in this city. I walked to what is known as “the Circle,” where all the vehicles eventually meet up and merge as they travel through downtown. Hoisting up the ten-foot cross right in the middle of the Circle, I prayed that the Lord of Revival would do just that: pour out His Spirit of revival upon the men, women and children living in this city, as well as the spirit of godly sorrow that works repentance, a repentance that, according to the Bible, is genuine and not easily shrugged off.


A woman in a wheelchair approached, so I greeted her. She was a believer. We talked and praised God for a few minutes, then I asked her what she wanted from the Lord. She said, “Healing from this stoke I recently had.” So we brought her request to the Great Physician. After praying, a word from the Lord came to me: “In less than four weeks, you will rise from this wheelchair,” I shared with her.

Her face lit up with a bright and joyful smile. “I knew it,” she said. “I knew if I asked for prayer, God would answer my prayer!” We talked several more minutes as hundreds of vehicles passed by. She shared that a group of Christians meet every Friday at the Circle, and pray for the city. That’s why I felt such a kindred spirit with Orange!

After a few more minutes I said bye, then headed east and downtown. A beautiful college is smack in the middle of this city. Chapman College is a huge place, and I came at the right time. Students were walking to their classes, so I got to talk to many about the Lord Jesus Christ. This was one of the highlights of this cross walk, as many of these young adults shared they were believers as well, while others listened intently as I shared God’s love with them and left each one a special tract card for them to read.

I cross-walked throughout the city for several hours stopping at the City Hall and Police Department buildings, hoisting the large cross upright, and praying long and hard for this city. As I prayed, people approached me and thanked me for praying for their city. Instinctively, they know what I was doing and showed great appreciation for this. One man handed me $20, to help pay for my motel room in the next city I would be visiting. Others helped as well, which was a great blessing to me.


As I made my way back to the Circle and where my truck was parked, a young woman approached me and said, “Praise the Lord, brother.”  We talked about the city, her faith and Jesus Christ for several minutes, then I asked her how I could pray for her.

Her face turned serious. “You can ask Jesus to get rid of these voices I hear at times telling me that life isn’t worth living or that God doesn’t care about me.” With no hesitation on my part whatsoever, I commanded the oppressing spirits of evil to leave this child of God forever. I sent these hindering voices to the place where Jesus sends them, to the abyss, where they must remain forever.

The change was immediate. This young woman was set free from a spirit of  hopelessness and depression by the Lord Jesus Christ! Like so many young Christian believers, she wanted to know if God had the right person for her, the right man. So many had abused her. The Word of God voiced His words to her: “In just a few days you will know how to discern right from wrong, true from false, genuine from deception, love from lust, and affection from desperation. I will give you a new mind and a new spirit and you will experience My plans and My goodness for your life such as you have never known. Follow Me, and I will give you My best for your life.”

Needless to say, she shouted, “Hallelujah!” for all to hear.

This was a great cross walk. Not because of God’s Words to His loved ones, but because Jesus revealed Himself to so many and encouraged the masses who passed by and saw the cross. I’m so glad I came here, and that Jesus showed so many just how much he loves them.

One things for certain: because I walked the cross today in Orange, this city will never be the same. That’s what Jesus does. Give the Word of God the opportunity to participate in the affairs of man and he will always win their souls! Like the Scripture declares, “He who wins souls is wise” (Proverbs 11:30). In the Kingdom of God, no wise guys allowed. Just wise men willing to trust the only wise God and Savior, Jesus Christ.