Ojai Avenue is the city’s main street, where tourists and the people of Ojai congregate and visit its sidewalk cafes, museums and gift shops.

Situated 12 miles inland from our favorite beach town, Ventura,  the city of Ojai is populated by just under 8,000 souls. No matter the size, people in every city and town need Jesus!

The first time we cross walked Ventura a couple of years ago and as I walked the cross upon its long and beautiful pier, a man from Ojai approached me. He had a big grin on his face.

“When are you coming to Ojai?” he asked before I could greet him. “I teach a Bible study there, and believe me, Ojai needs to see that cross.”

We talked for several minutes. He explained that the New Age movement was big in Ojai, and that the majority of people living there felt no need for God because they believed they were good and moral individuals.

On that very busy pier, we prayed loud and hard for the people of Ojai, and I promised him that, whenever I could,  I would walk the cross in Ojai and pray for all its inhabitants. We talked for a few more minutes, then he said goodbye. I finished the Ventura cross walk by hoisting the 10-foot, 60-pound cross upright at the end of the pier and praying long and hard for this coastal city’s inhabitants, that they all would come to Jesus and receive the free gift of eternal life in Christ.

I also made a mental note to remember my promise to this enthusiastic believer from Ojai.



Hoisting the cross and praying long and hard at Ojai’s City Hall.

No matter the size of the city or town, my first destination is its City Hall. My wife Jeanette strolled alongside me as I walked the cross to this small building situated alongside a residential street. Hoisting the cross upright, we prayed together for the mayor, councilmembers and leaders of Ojai, first for their salvation and then that God would grant them the servantship/leadership qualities that it takes to meet the needs of the city’s residents.

We prayed for great revival and great awakening to break out in Ojai and that the first ones to come to Christ would be the city’s leaders.

Though no city officials came out to greet or talk with us, I could see several individuals inside peering out of their office windows, with puzzled or amused looks on their faces. That’s usually the first response whenever I visit a city for the very first time. People just don’t know what to think of  a 10-foot cross hoisted in front of  a building’s main entrance.



Praying for this non-profit program and the people of Ojai who utilize its free services and programs.

Situated right next to City Hall is HELP, the community’s large non-profit organization that provides hospice and respite care for individuals and their families, including food, clothing vouchers, financial aid, adult day care and transportation assistance. This is a large complex and so we took the time to hoist the cross upright at its entrance and pray long and hard for not only the program, but for all the people utilizing its services. A couple of men in a HELP van drove up and waved as they entered the compound.

Jeanette and I prayed for all the workers as well as all the individuals receiving help, assistance and aid from this program. We were thankful that such a caring program as HELP existed to help meet the needs of  so many. Most of all, we prayed for their salvation, that each would understand their need of a Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ.

Of course we felt the spiritual warfare as we prayed and as we walked the cross. But Jesus the Christ wants all people to come to Him, including New Age believers. Even if these were not the friendliest people we’ve met, the people of Ojai need new life, not New Age.



Praying for Ojai’s thin blue line of law enforcement officers and officials, including city police and county deputy sheriffs.

Ojai’s combination Police Department/Sheriff’s Department  was just steps away from City Hall. As I hoisted the cross upright and prayed for police officers and sheriff’s deputies, I asked the divine Policeman of Heaven to send forth His thick blue line of angelic warriors and protect these law enforcement officers and their families. No one came outside to greet us, but I did see a couple of police officers peering out the main entrance glass door before disappearing.  Later we would see a couple of squad cars as they drove past us on Ojai Avenue, the city’s main street. Probably checking us out. It’s not everyday that you see a man lugging a 10-foot cross throughout your city or town!



I especially enjoyed hoisting the cross and praying long and hard for all the schools, as well as for students, parents and school personnel.

I always look for schools whenever and wherever I walk the cross . Ojai was no exception. As we approached this combination high school, adult education center and home school network, we were so glad to see that a home school program existed in this small city. Hoisting the cross upright at the main entrance, Jeanette and I prayed for all the school-aged children and their parents, as well as the teachers, principals, support staff and school district officials. We asked the Lord of peace to keep all the kids off drugs, out of gangs and safe from all violence. We prayed for their parents, that they would remain civilized and never become chemicalized or criminalized. And we asked God to reveal Himself strong to all educators, that they would all become born-again believers who lived and spoke new life truths and not New Age philosophies.



The empty cross speaks louder and more clearer than I do. It tells the story: that Jesus Christ was crucified, that He was buried, that He rose from the dead on the third day, and that He was seen!

Rounding out this cross walk, Jeanette and I decided to walk the cross on the street where most of Ojai’s sidewalk cafes and shops were located. As we approached one particular sidewalk cafe, a man sitting with three other men mockingly shouted out, “The end of the world is near! Help me, I’m a sinner!”  I smiled and shouted back, “We are all sinners and we all need Jesus Christ!” Usually I would stop and continue the conversation, but the Spirit of God bade me to continue walking the cross down the sidewalk. Smiling and waving, I shouted out, “Jesus loves you!” No response. And…no more mocking. Just silence.

As we walked away and entered the street where the go-ye-mobile was parked, Jeanette asked why I didn’t talk to the men.

I shared that the Holy Spirit prompted me to not start up a conversation, and that He would be the One who would talk to each one of the four men.

This had happened before in other cities. Cities like Compton, California, where a great revival broke out a few weeks after I walked the cross there. And so, I try my best to listen to the voice of the Spirit.

Of course, as we walked back to the go-ye-mobile, I prayed for these four men. But not just these four. We prayed for all the residents of Ojai.

Because Jeanette and I came to this city, walked the cross throughout its streets, prayed for its leaders and its residents, and took time to show these men, women and children the cross and the One who bore that cross for their sins, I am confident that Ojai will never be the same. I believe that the One who bore the cross and died for the sins of the world is now breaking down spiritual strongholds, soulical imaginations and New Age philosophies within Ojai’s city limits and beyond.

I truly believe that revival is on its way to Ojai. And just as sure, I believe I will visit this city again — and again — and that God in His omnipotent grace and unending mercy has decided to claim souls, bring great salvation to the people of Ojai and expand the size of His kingdom here on Earth.

And maybe the next time I bring the large cross to Ojai I will be led by the Spirit to speak to these same four men in a way they’ve never heard before!

Glory to the King of everything.  \O/