After an invigorating cross walk in Delano, drove to McFarland, parked the go-ye-mobile at City Hall and walked the large cross throughout this small town of 10,000 residents. I have cross walked McFarland a couple of times before, and I always enjoy praying for and talking with the youth and adults of this friendly town.

As I was unloading the 10-foot, 60-pound cross, a man approached and asked if that was a cross. He was excited and shared that his son was mayor of McFarland, and that he and his son were true believers in the Lord Jesus Christ. We talked a few minutes, praising the Lord for His goodness to the city of  McFarland and its residents, then I walked to where City Hall and the Police Station were.

Praying at McFarland's City Hall and the Police Department.

Hoisting the cross upright at the small City Hall/Police Department complex, I prayed long and hard for the leaders of this small community and for its small force of dedicated police officers. The mayor’s dad came up to me again and watched as I prayed for the leaders of McFarland. I could sense that people inside the building were also watching. I asked God to bless this town’s leaders and police officers, and praised the Lord that, since my last walk here, the local Mexican Mafia (MM) gang problem had been dealt with. No longer did I see graffiti around the area, which was a big plus to law enforcement’s efforts to curtail this particular plight.



Praying For K-6th Graders at one of McFarland's Elementary Schools.

I then walked across the street and hoisted the cross upright at the entrance to the elementary school, and prayed long and hard for the K-6th graders, asking God to keep these kids off drugs, out of gangs and safe from all violence. I asked the Lord to bring them all to Jesus as well.  Kids watched, as did a few teachers and parents who were inside the administration building. I explained to a couple of parents what I was doing and their faces filled with surprise and happiness. They thanked me for praying for their children as well as the other students.


McFarland Has The Friendliest High Schoolers I've Ever Come Across And it Was A Great Pleasure To Hoist The Cross Upright And Pray For Kids.

After walking a few blocks a few blocks to where the high school was located, I hoisted the cross upright at the front entrance. I prayed long and hard for these 9th-12th graders, that they, too, would say no to drugs, gangs, guns and violence and YES to Jesus Christ. As I prayed out loud, several students watched and listened, including a bus load of kids waiting to be taken home. These kids pulled down the bus’ windows and started asking questions after I finished praying.

I explained why I was praying at their school, and their faces filled with joy and happiness. I have spoken to many, many youth after praying at their schools, but I’ve never seen such  courteous and polite students like these high schoolers. We had a pleasant talk before I lowered the large cross to my shoulder and headed for McFarland’s Middle School to pray as well.


As I Prayed For The 7th And 8th Graders, I Couldn't Help But Notice That This Was One Of The Cleanest Schools I've Come Across In California.

I then walked several long blocks to the town’s middle school, all the while talking to older students on their way home from school.  Several people in their vehicles honked their horns as they passed by. Reaching the front entrance to the middle school’s administration building, I hoisted the cross upright and prayed long and hard for these 7th and 8th graders, that they would also say no to drugs, gangs, guns and violence and YES to Jesus.

This is a beautiful school. Several parents watched as I also loudly prayed for the principal, teachers and all other school personnel, as well as the students’ parents. As I mentioned earlier, these kids are the friendliest I’ve ever met, and it was a great pleasure to pray for these kids.


Two years ago, I walked the cross in this small town. Graffiti was everywhere, and the atmosphere felt heavy as if some dark force was hovering over the community. I remember praying long and hard against this spiritual darkness and against the gang presence. Today, the city has really changed to the good. One of the city council members pulled over in his car, and we talked about this big difference.

He credits the radical change to prayer and deep involvement from local pastors and other believers. He is a Christian, as is the mayor and the mayor’s dad, who I first met as I stepped out of the go-ye-mobile. Lot of local believers have prayed long and hard for McFarland. And it most certainly has payed off! I am so happy to be a small part of this ongoing revival throughout this great little town.

Glory to the King \O/