“Don’t Back Down”
–Beach Boys
(new Life in Christ version)

The skeptics think this preacher is going to wipe out.
But toting the ten foot cross you can hear him shout,
I’m not afraid, oh no, not this boy.
I grit my teeth and don’t back down.


Oooh, you better watch your talk
‘Cause I’ll show you that I won’t back down,
Won’t back down from this walk.
With the cross on his back and some tracts easy to understand,
The cross walker knows the city like the palm of his hand.
He’s not afraid, and won’t back down, won’t back down
No not this boy.
He grits his teeth and won’t back down.


Welcome To Hollywood!

As I often share, for my own personal fun I’ve taken several Beach Boys songs and changed the words to fit my cross-walking ministry and safari. Years ago I gave up the long board for the long cross and the Endless Summer for the Endless Easter. And now instead of praying for surf, I pray for revival. Come and safari with me to Hollywood and look what Jesus the first Water Walker is doing in and throughout Movieland, USA.

Indeed, because my wife and I were here today, Hollywood won’t be the same tomorrow.

Arriving at Hollywood on an overcast yet warm early morning, we parked the “go-ye-mobile” on a side street and then walked to Hollywood Boulevard. Hoisting the ten foot cross upright, we prayed for Hollywood, that God would send forth His Spirit of revival and turn the hearts of the people to Himself, and asked the Lord of Hosts for favor with all the people we would talk to.

If You Don’t Like The Way I’m Driving, Get Off The Sidewalk!

Tom The Parking Enforcer Meets Tom The Cross Man.

The first person to greet us was a traffic enforcement officer named Tom. As he approached I thought he was going to inform us that it was against the law in Hollywood to walk a cross on the sidewalk. Instead, he grinned from ear to ear and shouted, “Praise the Lord!”  Tom the traffic enforcer gave Tom the cross walker a big hug and hugged Jeanette as well. His words: “I’ve never seen a cross walker before. What a sight for sore eyes. You’ve come to pray for Hollywood. Wow!” Needless to say, we had a long and happy conversation about Jesus Christ and His love for all people, including Hollywood residents and tourists, before we headed out to our destination.

Hollywood Boulevard was teeming with the normal and not-so-normal masses. The sidewalks were filled with elbow to elbow residents, tourists and visitors. As Tom cross-walked Hollywood Boulevard, like the Red Sea parting, people gave way without fussing or complaining. Tom  talked to and shook the hands of hundreds of people, many of whom wanted to talk about Jesus and the reason for the cross walk. Tom also handed out special cards for the occasion entitled “The Endless Easter,” which  is all about following the Son and celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ every day.

Hollywood’s Spiderman Meets California’s Cross Man

Spiderman Meets The Crossman.

Throughout this very busy street, not-so-famous and want-to-be actors wear well-known movie character outfits and charge money to have their pictures taken with tourists. Tom talked to Zorro, Sponge Bob Squarepants, Kiss, and many other  costumed men and women. Spiderman was just one of several characters who wanted to talk about Jesus Christ in their lives. It was refreshing to realize that there were Christians living in Hollywood. Spiderman seemed to forget that he was there to make money as he and Tom talked about the Lord for several minutes.

It was funny how so many people stopped to listen in on our conversation.  These men and women got to hear Spiderman say that he was a Christian too. The amazing Spiderman was quite amazed that a man carrying a 60-pound, 10-foot cross was walking Hollywood’s Walk of Fame and talking about Jesus Christ the ultimate Superstar!

May The True Force Be With You

Soul Wars And Not Star Wars Is My Mission.

Approaching two Imperial Stormtroopers, Tom shouted out, “May the true Force be with you!” Reaching for Tom’s hand, one of the Star Wars characters declared, “I’m a believer, too!” Tom spoke with these two young men for several minutes as well. Jeanette shared that it is during this time that  the Marilyn Monroe character reached for her own camera and began taking pictures of Tom. The two stormtroopers thought it was very cool that Tom was walking the cross down Hollywood Boulevard. When Tom asked, “Hollywood Cool?”, in unison the two young men shouted, “No, we mean Jesus Cool!”

Jesus Christ Super Star and Strolling Down The Walk of Fame

Imagine There Really Is A Heaven; It’s Easy If You Try.

As we walked down the Walk of Fame and looked at the names inscribed on each star, Tom couldn’t help but wonder how many of the men and women had ever accepted Jesus Christ as their personal Savior and Lord. From the Beatles and Elvis Presley, to Bob Dylan and Michael Jackson, familiar names adorned their own personal star. But how many of these personalities had ever lived for Jesus Christ or shared that there is truly only one Superstar amongst them all?

This Purpose Driven Cross Walk

Walking The Cross On Hollywood Blvd. and down the Hollywood Walk Of Fame.

Tom and Jeanette met people from across the nation and around the globe. Many Christians stopped and talked with Tom and to find out more about the cross walk.  The purpose of Cross Walk Hollywood was to present the cross of Jesus Christ as God’s plus sign to Movieland, USA. There isn’t one thing negative about the cross of Jesus. One sinner plus the cross of Jesus equals one forgiven sinner. One drug addict plus the cross of Jesus equals one set free individual.

One disenchanted actor plus the cross of Jesus equals real life in Christ. One man and one woman plus the cross of Jesus Christ equals a sanctified marriage. One young pregnant girl plus the cross of Jesus Christ equals two lives safe and secure! That’s the message Tom brought to Hollywood, California. And the residents’, tourists’ and visitors’ overall response to this positive message  was, “Jesus Cool!”

Amen and amen. Jesus is cool! And His love is for all people, including anyone and everyone living in or visiting Hollywood.


The Warmth Of The Son

The Cross Walker Praying For Citywide Revival At Hollywood Blvd. And Highland Ave.

One of the most enjoyable events of the cross walk was hoisting the large cross upright at the corner of Hollywood Boulevard and Highland Avenue and praying for the people living and working in Hollywood and the response of the people passing by in their vehicles. Cars honked, people shouted  hallelujah or praise the Lord. This is a very crowded corner and you could literally reach out your hand and touch the cars passing by.

As mentioned earlier, “Because we were here today, Hollywood won’t be the same tomorrow!” All because of the Spirit of the living God moving in the hearts of men, women and children and bearing witness to the truth: Jesus Christ loves the people of Hollywood as well!

And yes, eventually Tom will be back to Movieland, USA as he returns from his cross walking safari throughout California. Cowabunga and praise the Lord!