Street Evangelist Tom Alexander Praying For Hemet’s Thin Blue Line

I really didn’t plan on walking the cross at Hemet. But the Holy Spirit made me aware of a frightening problem in this city that, left unchecked, could hurt many people, starting with the city’s Thin Blue Line. So I gladly traveled the thirty-five miles or so from Riverside, and journeyed to this beautiful city of about 67,000 souls.

The trip was easy and the scenic views filled my soul with joy and awe of God’s creative power. This is a beautiful valley with several lakes. It wouldn’t be bad at all to live in a place like this. As I traveled down the scenic route leading to Hemet, I orally and loudly put on and took up the full armor and armaments of God and then ate the nine spiritual fruit of the Spirit, which I always do before cross-walking any city or town. I was now ready for spiritual warfare.

I knew exactly where I would walk the cross first and foremost. The Hemet Police station.


National Socialist Movement

Hate groups have no place in a civilized society, especially when they threaten to bomb police departments and vehicles.

The news made national headlines. A White supremacist group openly declared war on Hemet’s police force, simply because the Thin Blue line was keeping track of the group’s activities. Booby-trapping police vehicles and attempting to gas and injure police officers, the group made it known that they wanted to hurt what the Bible calls God’s ministers. That’s right, police officers are the Lord’s special ministers, who punish evildoers.

By the time I arrived, the Police department had already arrested 23 of these White supremacists, which was great news. Parking my “go-ye-mobile” across the street from the Police station, I unloaded the large cross and walked up to the front entrance.

Hoisting the cross upright, I prayed long and hard for every police officer, as well as all other law enforcement officials in the city. I then walked the entire perimeter of the Police station, asking God to surround the structure with His angelic warriors, fighters, helpers and enforcers. I rebuked the satanic forces behind the White supremacist group, then I prayed hard against the group itself, asking God to bring every guilty person, first to justice, and then to Jesus. The power of God’s Spirit fell, and a new and angelic posse moved into town!


group of people around glowing Cross

“Though millions have come / there’s still room for one / there’s room at the cross for you!” –\O/

After praying for quite a long time, I then headed for the mayor’s office and City Hall. Hoisting the cross upright, I prayed for all city and county workers, that they each come to Jesus and receive the free gift of forgiveness of sins and eternal life. Individuals came from out of the building and waved, knowing why I was there.

I then walked the main street of Hemet. Florida Avenue is the main drag, and it is congested at noon. Many people waved and honked car horns as I walked this tranquil yet busy street. Several came up and asked for prayer. This is a beautiful city surrounded by mountains. The people living in Hemet sure deserve a safe place to live and work. As I walked Florida Avenue, I rebuked all the satanic forces that would attempt to throw this city into anarcy and lawlessness.



Jesus warned us about cold-hearted and luke warm churches.

I was struck by the coldness of the church leaders, not the everyday people themselves. Therein was the reason that evil was prevelant in this city. So I prayed long and hard for the church leaders, that they would repent of their cold hearts and their indifference and selfishness. My prayer was that God would show them His will and how to get on fire once again for the kingdom of God and not for the kingdom of self or kingdom of a particular denomination.

The everyday people were kind. Several donated to my California Cross Walk, without me asking. As I walked the cross, I sensed that the Holy Spirit was, indeed, getting ready to pour the power from on High upon the people of Hemet. The joy of the Lord was very apparent when people passed by, so I began to sing hymns to the Lord of the harvest for His goodness to these men, women and children.

I remained in Hemet for several hours, until I knew in my spirit that God had set up camp in this place. Revival was now on the way. And because God loves the people of Hemet, He was going to make sure that any humanic, satanic or demonic force would fail in any attempt to steal, kill  or destroy the souls of His creations and that they would fail miserably.

Thank you, Lord, for allowing me to witness first hand your power against the forces of evil in this city. To God be the glory, forever and ever. Amen.