Waikiki Bay and Beach. A great day to walk the cross and talk about the first Water Walker.

State and state capital #40.

The entire time (eight days) I was in Honolulu I never had the time or the opportunity to get wet! Just too busy walking the cross and praying for the entire state of Hawaii. BUT…I did get to go to Waikiki Beach on two days. Both days were for cross walking and sharing God’s Good News about Jesus Christ to the endless hordes of residents, vacationers and tourists who were able to jump into the beautiful and crystal blue waters of Waikiki Bay.

Day one at Waikiki Beach was a solo walk. Billy Kyllonen, director of School Of Ministry and Evangelism (SOME) for Honolulu WYAM, was kind enough to load up the cross atop his SUV and drive me to Waikiki Beach.


Praying at Waikiki Beach for Honolulu’s 400,000 souls, as well as Hawaii’s 1.5 million souls,

As a former surfer, I was naturally drawn to the beauty of Waikiki Beach’s pristine and clear waters as well as the large manmade jetty. And, of course, I had every intention of walking the cross to the end of the jetty, hoisting it upright, and praying for Honolulu’s 400,000 souls—and that’s exactly the first thing I did!

Scores of beachgoers stopped what they were doing and watched as I walked the cross to the end of the jetty, probably wondering what in the world was going on. The first thing that struck me was the smiles on the faces of all these sun bathers and swimmers as I slowly walked the cross.

Time seemed to stand still as I walked to the end of the jetty, hoisted the cross upright and prayed for Great Revival and Great Awakening to break out throughout Waikiki Beach, Honolulu and all of Hawaii. I prayed loud and long, and I sensed that many people were not only watching, but they were listening as well.


As is my custom, I pointed the cross North, then East, then West, and finally South (Good NEWS) as I prayed, asking God Almighty to send forth His Shekinah Glory, Resurrection Power and Spirit of Grace & Supplication throughout the Hawaiian Islands and bring thousands of souls to Him.

This vacationing Christian couple from Tennessee prayed loud and long for Hawaii’s 1.5 million souls.

After praying I spoke with several people about the cross walk and why I was here. A Christian couple from Tennessee  approached me and asked if they could take pictures of themselves with the cross. Of course. Then I asked if they would join me in praying for Hawaii’s 1.5 million souls. They readily agreed. Both the husband and the wife prayed powerfully and sincerely for Hawaii. What was so awesome is that they also prayed loud and long as well.

We had a great time afterwards, talking about the Lord and the fact that I had walked the cross in Tennessee and its state capital the previous year.  People from Tennessee are very friendly, and we had a wonderful time fellowshipping.


I was struck by the open friendliness of all the people on the jetty, as well as their enthusiastic desire to talk with me about the cross walk. As I walked the cross toward shore, it took thirty minutes to finally reach the shoreline. Many were vacationers, some were from foreign countries, and of course, residents of Honolulu.

This couple from Alabama prayed a powerful prayer for the people of Hawaii, too, that Great Awakening would breakout across the Islands.

These vacationers, tourists and residents had never seen a cross walker, and, as several expressed, the sight of the cross on the jetty was enough to invigorate their faith in Jesus Christ, the One who died on that cross for our sins!

Another Christian couple from Alabama approached me and asked what I was doing. We had a wonderful time praising God and talking about the love of Jesus for all souls. They, too, prayed loud and long for the people of Hawaii.

I shared that my wife and I had brought the large cross to Alabama and Montgomery in 2017, and that the cross walk in their state was just as awesome as this one was turning out to be as well.

As we talked, my memory filled with the awesome time we had in Alabama, as well as the genuine friendliness and openness to the cross and Jesus Christ that took place in Montgomery, its capital city.

Hawaii is state and state capital #40 as far as our five-year, 50-state cross walk is concerned( 2015-2020).


These are the three different 2-sided tacts I handed out during the Hawaii cross walks.

This cross walk at Waikiki Beach took over three hours, and there is just too much to share in one post. What struck me the most about this cross walk was the sincere gratitude people kept expressing about the cross walk. Vacationer. Tourist. Resident. It seems like everyone I talked with just couldn’t thank me enough for praying for them…and for Hawaii. My pleasure and calling, of course

Every state has its problems, and each city in each state has its problems as well. Even though Hawaii is thought of by many as paradise on Earth, the truth is, the Aloha State has its own unique set of problems, including vast homelessness (which is discussed in Part One of this set of posts on the Hawaii cross walk). And, of course, there are so many who haven’t accepted Jesus as their Lord and Savior. Hawaii is truly a mission field, howbeit a beautiful mission field surrounded by pristine and crystal clear Bays.

The special two-sided tracts I handed out while in Hawaii were eagerly accepted by all. My prayer for each individual I handed a tract to was that God would open their minds to His love and give them each a heart to know Him as Lord and Savor: “And I will give them a heart to know Me…” (Jeremiah 24:7). AMEN!!

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