I came to Fresno to specifically pray for the city’s gang-threatened police department!

Every city and town has a thin blue line, referring to the courageous police officers who are sworn to serve and protect that community’s residents. This thin blue line of police protection is similar to the thin blue line of the Earth’s atmosphere known as the Ozone Layer, which protects us all from the Sun’s harmful and deadly rays. Without such a thin blue line protecting it’s city from criminals and outlaws, our society wouldn’t remain civilized or normalized for long.

After reading a disturbing article in my city’s daily newspaper, The Bakersfield Californian, I was impressed by the Lord of the harvest to drive the go-ye-mobile to Fresno, a city of about 500,000 souls and walk the cross throughout this large central California metropolitan area.

My main purpose, however, was to hoist the 10-foot, 60-pound cross upright at the huge Fresno Police Headquarters and pray long and hard for the safety of all the brave and dedicated members of this city’s thin blue line.

The April 5, 2013 article shared that serious threats against the Fresno police department and its officers began coming in after an officer-involved shooting left a 24-year-old gang member in the hospital. Specific officers were named in the threats.

To keep its officers even safer, the Fresno police department pulled all traffic cops off their motorcycles and officers working the overnight shift were doubled up. The gang threats prompted a large-scale gang sweep targeting southwest Fresno that resulted in the arrest of 49 people, including 26 known gang members.


gang (2)

Gangs exist not so much in the eyes of the beholder but in the eyes of the belonger.

There is an old street-life saying that declares, “Gangs exist not so much in the eyes of the beholder as in the eyes of the belonger.”  Belongers are everywhere in the city of Fresno. The twisted mentality of outlaws, criminals and gangbangers justifies swift, merciless retaliation against those who would dare infringe upon their “right” to break the law and propagate their way of life throughout the ‘hood and the community.

God’s peacemakers and law keepers are each city’s thin blue line of protection. As I walked to the police headquarters and then hoisted the cross upright to pray, several officers in unison opened the entrance door to the large building and watched. I shouted out that I had read about the gang threats and that I was now praying for each and every one of them — for their protection, for their family’s protection and that each one of them would, in God’s timing, trust Jesus as their Savior.

“Thank, you, thank you, thank you,” one of the officers shouted out, as the others nodded in agreement. I love it when people smile back at me, but to see these officers’  normally serious-looking faces light up with bright smiles truly made my day. I nodded back and began to pray as the officers looked on.

I asked the living God to surround all these police officers, their families and loved ones with His thick blue line of angelic protectors. In the name above all names, I asked the Lord of angelic hosts to rebuke all gang members and to demolish and quash all threats against Fresno’s thin blue line. I petitioned the ultimate Policeman to bring the lawbreakers to justice — and then to Jesus. The living and loving God wants gang members to become born-again Christians as well!



Retaliatory threats against Fresno police by gang members resulted in all police motorcycles temporarily being kept out of service.

This was a long prayer session. But these gang threats were very serious, as evidenced by the large number of police motorcycles that were parked and temporarily out of service due to these gang threats, intimidations and menaces.

I spoke with a couple of motorcycle policemen who were standing next to this long line of unoccupied bikes.  Shared that I was praying for all their safety. They thanked me and shared that they understood why the motorcycles were temporarily put out of service. But they were anxious to get back on the road with their two-wheelers.


One of the main reasons I visit any city is to hoist the large cross upright at each city government complex and pray long and hard for city leaders.


After praying for the continuing and unceasing protection of Fresno’s thin blue line, I headed toward city hall and the city’s huge criminal justice system complex. Downtown Fresno is beautiful, and the people were friendly as can be. Lot of drivers passing by in their  vehicles honked their horns and/or shouted out, “Praise the Lord.”

Fresno’s City Hall building is huge. As I hoisted the large cross upright and prayed for all city leaders, I asked the Lord of the harvest to capture all city leaders in His dragnet and bring them to Him, and that they each would accept Jesus Christ as their Savior or renew their faith in Christ.

I also prayed long and hard for all the people living in Fresno, that great revival would break out throughout this large city. I asked the God of so-great salvation to bring men, women, children, families and individuals to Him.



The Sheriff’s Department of Fresno county is a vital part of law enforcement’s thin blue line of protection.

I then headed toward the Sheriff’s Department complex and the Fresno County Superior Courthouse. As I walked the cross I talked with several people, asking them if they needed special prayer. One man was on his way to court, so we asked the God of justice to have mercy on him. He was a believer. But like so many drug users, he had gone back to using drugs. No excuses on his part. He was sincere, and wanted to stop jumping on the crime and time “misery-go-round” ride: break the law, get busted, do time, get out, do drugs, get busted, get out…and over and over again.


Don’t go to bed with no price on your head. Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time. Words to an old song that so many are not listening to. So the criminal justice system continues to grow and grow.

Other individuals were facing similar charges, and they asked for prayer as well. As I approached the large Superior Court complex, I hoisted the cross upright and prayed for all the individuals going to court this day. Many are guilty; some are not.

Either way, they all needed Jesus…because the worst prison there is is the prison of the mind. The drug addict. The gang member. The traffic violator. The child abuser. The rapist. The murderer. The burglar. The angry. Everybody needs Jesus!

On this warm day in Fresno, this cross walker was bound and determined to not only pray for all unsaved sinners, but for the saved sinners as well.

The walk was long and took all day. But one thing was certain: because of the reality and power of prayer in the name of Jesus Christ, Fresno would never be the same. I will be back. But most important, God will always be here. Revival. Great awakening. Great Godly sorrow that works repentance not to be repented of, as the Bible so faithfully declares. This is what I prayed for the city of Fresno and its residents. I claimed many, many souls for the kingdom of God in this large field of diverse souls! Amen and amen. \O/