Los Angeles skyline on a warm and beautiful sunny day in southern California.

Los Angeles. A city of over four million souls. Today the Spirit of God has brought me to this the second largest city in America. A city I’ve been wanting to walk the cross in for a long time. Now, as I headed toward this city that thoroughly dominates southern California, I wondered what I would tell the men, women and children I came upon. Would they listen to the message of the cross, of Jesus Christ, and of God’s love for them?

The freeway was highly congested, of course. Interstate 5 is the main artery running through the state of California. For whatever reason, I missed the downtown exits, and I hastily took the first exit I could take, which brought me into East Los Angeles, the second place on my destination this new week. I quickly found out why the Spirit of God led me to this exit instead of the ones that would have taken me to downtown L.A.

Pulling into a gas station, I turned off the ignition and asked the attendant if there was a restroom. No. So I got back into the “go-ye-mobile” and turned the ignition switch on. Nothing. The battery was dead. A man who couldn’t speak English graciously pushed my truck with his larger truck and the “go-ye-mobile” roared back to life. But I knew the battery had to be replaced.



Isaiah 58 Fund (based on Isaiah 58’s true fast) is our way of feeding the homeless.

Didn’t know where to find an automotive center, so I drove north on the busy road. I decided to stop in at the approaching McDonalds for lunch before getting a new battery. Someone had to know where a Pep Boys or AutoZone was. I backed the truck into a parking place, so I could easily push-start it. As I headed for the entrance a homeless man sitting on the cement sidewalk asked, “Can you feed me?” Of course I could. By the way, if you don’t know this by now, Isaiah 58 is God’s true fast. It is how you and I must live if we are to show people the true kingdom of God and His amazing love.

I invited him into McDonalds to eat with me, but he shared that he wasn’t allowed inside. Long story. I asked him what he wanted and went in and ordered his meal. I then asked him if he knew where a Pep Boys was. He nodded, said he knew exactly where it was, and gave me instructions to get there. The store was only three blocks away. I prayed with him for a few minutes, told him how much God loves him and gave him my card, inviting him to call me anytime for prayer. He then gave the truck a hand-push, and I was on my way.

So this was why I missed the downtown exits, I told myself. God knew my battery was dead. Imagine being stuck in downtown L.A? And what’s more amazing is that the auto parts store was one block from where my main destination in East L.A. was. Furthermore, this street would take me to downtown Los Angeles and City Hall itself. I wouldn’t even have to find my way back to the freeway.



Street Evangelist Tom Alexander Praying For The City Of Angels On The Whittier Boulevard Bridge Leading Into Downtown Los Angeles

Brand new battery, and I was on my way heading west on Whittier Boulevard and toward downtown L.A. As I traveled west I prayed in the Spirit, verbally putting on and taking up all the armor and armaments of God, ate the fruit of the Spirit, and began to rebuke the principalities, powers, dominions and spiritual hosts of wickedness which would attempt to hinder my incursion into this large city. This cross-walking incursion was not only going to be fun; it would do a lot of damage to the kingdom of darkness and of Satan.

The downtown cross-walk would be long. I found a place to park and headed to the huge City Hall Building on Spring Street. At every major street intersection, I hoisted the cross upright and prayed long and hard for the mayor, council members, and all department heads, as well as the city’s thousands of employees. For many people passing by, the sight of a ten-foot cross and a man with his head bowed and praying was a strange sight, as if none had ever witnessed such an event. But many people passing by in automobiles honked their horns in approval.

California Cross Walker Tom Alexander Praying At City Hall For All Government Leaders Of Greater Los Angeles

I remained praying at this strategic spot for about one-half hour. I was able to speak to several individuals, telling them that I was praying for their city. Many took pictures with their phones or cameras. Some asked questions about the cross walk, while others requested prayer for themselves or for loved ones.

There’s nothing like prayer. Praying for the souls of men, women and children is the most rewarding of godly endeavors, placing prayer right up there with winning these souls to the Lord Jesus Christ! Cross Walk California is all about praying for and winning souls to Jesus. As I prayed for the people of Los Angeles, a different spirit took control of the city. A spirit that lifted the heavy oppression and, at the same time, gently lowered God’s presence and peace upon the entire city.  The Spirit of Revival and of Great Awakening was now descending upon the city of the angels.

With a heavy but Spirit-filled heart, I turned the large cross North to East, East To West, West to South and then back to North, praying for the greater Los Angeles area. North, East, West, South — NEWS — God’s Good News. This is how I pray wherever I hoist the large cross. I claimed all the land and all the souls for God and His Christ, and asked Him to reveal Himself strong to all people living in greater Los Angeles for their sakes.


L.A.’s Huge City Hall Reflected In The Glass Wall Of The Equally Massive Police Department Building

The downtown Los Angeles Police Department building is huge, just like City Hall. As I walked the cross to this massive structure and hoisted the ten-foot cross upright, I felt a sense of smallness next to this building. Sorta like David and Goliath.

But God is a great Equalizer, and the daunting task of praying for the city’s 10,000 sworn police officers and 3,000 civilian staff who patrol an area of over 473 square miles came easy, as I asked the Lord of life to keep these men and women safe and bring them all to Jesus. Just think what would occur in the city of angels if L.A.’s Thin Blue Line all became born-again third day believers. I asked God to send His Thick Blue Line of angelic protectors, fighters, warriors and soldiers to protect and uphold this dedicated and courageous human police force, and to reveal Himself strong to each and every one of them, along with their families.

After praying at City Hall and the Police Department, I walked the downtown area, talking with many people and praying for several, especially city workers who came up asking for prayer. The man-caused Great Recession is hurting all cities, and all throughout California city workers are growing scared that they will lose their jobs due to the failing economy. That’;s why God’s Great Revival must arrive soon.I was taken back by the very positive response I received from every individual I spoke with. Several thanked me for praying for their city, and a few even prayed for me, that I would continue to have the strength to pray for California’s cities.


A Final Prayer And Then It’s Off To East Los Angeles For A Time Of Cross Walking And Prayer At This Special City.

As the long cross walk came to an end, I couldn’t help but think about the people living in this teeming metropolis. Every type of individual can be found in any California city, regardless of  its size. Here in Los Angeles, there’s just many more of each type. But Jesus died for all people, and though the streets and sidewalks were packed with people, the truth is, this large city is tiny compared to the awesome size and power of the living God. And He’s got His eyes upon all these men, women and children. What the Lord of the harvest sees is this: a people in dire need of His salvation and love.

The large cross gets the people’s attention. The Holy Spirit captures their souls. And the Great Fisherman reels them into His Kingdom. My prayer for Los Angeles is the same as it is for every city: Come to Jesus, and find rest for your weary, your lost, your confused, your lonely soul. Amen and amen. And, of course, I’ll be back.