Why I Carry The Cross To Bakersfield Schools

Street Evangelist Tom Alexander Praying For The Students (including their parents and school employees) Who Attend Bakersfield High School.

My wife and I live in Bakersfield. That’s one of the reasons I am able to carry the large 10-foot cross to every school in the greater Bakersfield area, hoist it upright at each elementary, junior high or senior high school and pray long and hard for the students, their parents, and all the school staff personnel (from the principal and assistant principal, to the teachers and aides and the custodians and volunteers).

There are some 130 K-12th grade schools in greater Bakersfield. Some are labeled as Title I “troubled schools” and low achievement campuses, while others proudly display the “California Distinguished School” banner. But each has what is to me the biggest and greatest reason why I bring the cross to each school. They have our children and grandchildren for at least six hours each weekday.

Two Other Reasons Why I Carry The Cross To Every School In Bakersfield

Tom Praying For The Students Attending Centennial High School As Well As Their Parents And Teachers.

There are two other reasons why I walk the cross to every Bakersfield school, hoist it upright and pray loud and long in front of each and every school office (usually beside the flag pole). As I approach a particular school, I have two clear and distinct reasons for walking the entire perimeter of that school and then hoisting the large flag upright and praying in front of the school’s main office:

Number One. I’m praying for the safety of all students and all educators as they are on that particular campus and as they return home after school.

Number Two. I’m praying for the salvation of every student, parent, teacher and school employee at that school.

I carry the cross to every school in Bakersfield and pray for the safety and salvation of every student, parent and educator because prayer changes things because it changes individuals.

What I’m Praying About When I Pray At A School

Tom Praying At Stockdale High School After Walking The Entire Perimeter Around The School And Adjacent Neighborhood.

When I hoist the large cross upright at a school, I’m praying that:

1. Every student says no to drugs, gangs, weapons, violence, bullying and all other types of violence.

2. Every student remains civilized and never becomes chemicalized, criminalized, victimized or institutionalized, and that each boy and girl remains a juvenile decent rather than becoming a juvenile delinquent.

3. Every parent says no to drugs, gangs, weapons and all other types of violence as well.

4. Every teacher, principal, secretary, and other school employee says no to drugs and violence as well.

5. Every child, parent and school employee eventually accepts Jesus Christ as his or her Savior.

Wanna-be, Gonna-be, May-be And Never-be Drug Users And Gangbangers

Tom Praying For The Safety And Salvation Of Students Attending South High And For Their Parents And Teachers As Well.

In other words, I hoist that large cross upright at each school and pray that our kids never become drug users, gang members, juvenile delinquents or other types of troubled and troubling youth. When it comes to drugs, gangs, weapons, violence and crime, I’m praying that these kids become and remain NEVER-BE’S, and that they give their hearts, souls and lives to the One who died on the cross so that they can live drug-free, gang-free, crime-free and violence-free lives.

A Very Good Reason For Kids To Stay In School

This Card-Tract Gives Kids Many Good Reasons To Stay In School And Also Shares Good Reasons Why They Must Say No To Drugs, Gangs And Gun Violence.

I get to talk to a lot of kids before and after school. That’s why I designed a small card-tract to hand out to these kids. It’s entitled  “STAY IN SCHOOL. Don’t Be Anybody’s Fool.”  The tract encourages kids to say no to drugs, gang, weapons and violence. But it also gives these youth an incentive to stay in school and at the very least graduate from high school.

Very reliable studies report that high school graduates earn at least $10,000 more each year than dropouts. So it’s like giving themselves $10,000 extra or even more each year once they graduate and go to work full-time. These studies also show that if they acquire a two-year college degree, it’s like giving themselves $16,000 more each year than those who quit high school. It gets even better for those kids who earn a four year college degree. College and university graduates earn over $28,000 more each year than dropouts.

It’s All About Planting Good News Seed For Future Revival

Street Evangelist Tom Alexander Praying For The Students Of Liberty High And For Their Parents And Teachers, That They All Accept Jesus As Their Savior.

Praying for students, their parents and their educators is the reason I bring the cross to each school throughout greater Bakersfield. This is how God prepares young hearts. This is how revival takes place in the lives of  these kids. Because when I bring the cross to Bakersfield’s elementary, junior high and senior high schools, hoist it upright for all to see, and pray long and hard for these boys’ and girls’ souls, the Spirit of the living God has opportunity to plant the seeds of revival and salvation in their hearts.

And this is one way future generations for Jesus are both prepared and reached. Amen and amen.