Reverend Yang Is From Virginia. Today He Was Also Praying At The White House.

After praying hard, loud and long at the White House south side lawn, I lowered the 10-foot cross to my right shoulder and walked toward the east side of the White House. A pleasant sight captured my attention as I approached the large guard station protecting this side of the White House from intruders.

Reverend Fisher Yang from Strasburg, Virginia stood on the sidewalk near the guard entrance and next to a sign printed with the most familiar Bible passage in the world—John 3:16! As I approached Fisher, a smile crossed his face. “You brought a large cross to the White House!” he exclaimed.

His smile was contagious.

This brother from South Korea was also handing out tracts to all who would receive them. He had been in D.C. for a week and had been praying for the safety and salvation of our president and all White House personnel, as well as the Capitol Police.


All Lives Matter To Jesus, Including Law Enforcement Officers.

We had church at the White House! We prayed together and sang a couple of stanzas from Amazing Grace for the eight Capitol police at the guard station, as well as the people passing by, to both see and hear. You could sense the presence of the Spirit of the living God.

Excusing myself, I shared that I was going to go talk to the police for a few minutes. Brother Yang warned, “They aren’t too friendly.”

As I approached the stern-looking Capitol police I shared, “This is a 2-sided tract I hand out to all law enforcement officers, all LEOs. Thank you for guarding our president and the White House.”  I held out a tract to one of the officers. He took it and thanked me. This broke the ice and as I handed out a tract to the other officers, I shared, “We just prayed for you all…for your safety and your family’s safety as well.” A collective “Thank you!” filled the air.

We must never forget that police officers have families. At the end of the day, they want to go home to their families. Just like you and me. That’s why I am very quick to hand every law enforcement officer I meet a special tract, as well as thanking them for protecting our nation and letting them know that I am praying for them and their families.


Reverend Yang Gave Me This Korean Translation of “Our Daily Bread”

After talking with the Capitol police for a few minutes, I walked back to where Brother Yang was. Hoisting the large cross upright, I asked him to pray here on the East side of the White House for our president, for our Congress, for our Supreme Court Justices, and for our nation. He asked if it would be OK if he prayed in Korean.

Of course!

While I did not understand his words, I sure did understand his enthusiasm and his praying! God’s presence was stronger than before, and I sensed that the LORD of warrior hosts was now commanding His angelic warriors to enter the arena of America’s national politics and do battle against the forces of evil that had infiltrated the three branches of federal government.

As Brother Yang prayed in Korean, I prayed silently in English, asking the living God to also send forth great revival, great awakening and great godly sorrow that leads to genuine repentance throughout Washington D.C.

We both stopped praying at the same time!


The Entire Fence Was Covered From Street Corner To Street Corner With Posters, Some Obscene, But Most With Expressions Of Concern And Calls For Peaceful Change.

Refreshened from my time with Reverend Yang, I blessed him in the name of the LORD and shared that I was now headed for the North side and main entrance to the White House, to pray there as well. We said our good byes and I began  a slow walk toward Pennsylvania Avenue and into a possible hornet’s nest.

As I rounded the corner and approached the main gate, a very large group of both young and old people were milling around and talking at the main fence. Everyone of them at the same time turned and looked at me, surprised looks on their faces.

Directly across the street a large line of D.C. and Capitol police standing shoulder to shoulder stood watching the so-far peaceful protesters.

“Greetings to you all!” I shouted loud enough for both sides to hear. “I’m from Bakersfield, California and I’m here today to pray for you all—that God’s peace fills your hearts with His great love!” I waited for any response.

The Street Running Directly To The Main Entrance To The White House Was Painted With This Large Sign.

To my pleasant surprise, several of the young people approached the cross, smiles on their faces. “Can I get a picture with me and the cross?” one of the young Black men asked. Of course! And one by one, fifteen of these young people held the cross as their friends took their pictures (note: I did not ask them if I could take a group shot of them at the cross for fear they might misunderstand my motive.).

Instead, I stood back and watched as they all took pictures, all the while shouting out, Praise the LORD or Hallelujah. Of course, their smiles were contagious. I looked at the police and many of them had smiles on their faces as well. Glory to the King! Church on Pennsylvania Avenue!


After a few minutes talking with both the peaceful demonstrators and the police, I hoisted the 10-foot cross upright and began praying loud and long for God’s peace to fill the hearts of the 750,000 souls living in our nation’s capital. Many of these young people bowed their heads and prayed with me. This was combat prayer, and I rebuked the satanic principalities, powers, rulers of darkness and demonic forces in the NAME of Jesus the Messiah.

I asked the LORD of Hosts to send forth a large battalion of angelic warriors to find, bind, blind and confine these unclean spirits and demonic forces hovering over this capital city and to lead them captive and into the abyss. I then asked the LORD to confine them to that prison for unclean and demonic spirits so that they could never plague, influence, oppress, obsess or possess any human again.

And just as important, I then asked the LORD of angelic warriors to send another battalion of mighty angels to hover over and guard the city from any and all evil influences, and to continually minister His righteousness throughout the land. I also asked the LORD of the Harvest to fill His people living in the D.C. area with fresh fire and fresh faith so that they would proclaim His Good News in Christ Jesus day to day!

Our Nation’s Struggle Isn’t Against Flesh And Blood. Ephesians Six Reminds Us All Who America’s True Enemies Are.

Since a very important national election was coming up in November, I also asked the God of righteousness to send forth the Spirit of Revival, the Spirit of Great Awakening and the Spirit of Great Godly Sorrow Leading To True Repentance throughout Washington D.C. and the entire nation, that the people of America would turn back to Him—for the sake of our country! I also asked the LORD to rid our nation of evil political leaders and to replace them with godly men and women who would enact righteous laws and rid America of all and unrighteous evil laws.

I felt the heavy presence of the LORD as I prayed. With great peace in my heart, I said good bye to the young people as well as the police officers and headed to the West side of the White House to pray. As I walked away, one voice in particular caught my attention: “Thank you for praying for our city and for our nation. I hope you come back again.”

Without looking I nodded my head. As the LORD leads, I will return for sure. Amen.