8156204078_2792f53d35_b (2)San Diego! The nation’s eighth largest city and California’s second biggest, with a population of some 1,300,000 souls. A beautiful city that is about 20 miles from the California/Mexico border.

The economy of San Diego is influenced by its deepwater port, which includes the only major submarine and shipbuilding yards on the West Coast. 

San Diego also hosts the largest naval fleet in the world. About 5 percent of all civilian jobs in the county are military-related, and 15,000 businesses in San Diego County rely on Department of Defense contracts.

Military bases in San Diego include US Navy facilities, Marine Corps bases, and Coast Guard stations. The city is home to the majority of the U.S. Pacific Fleet’s surface combatants, all of the Navy’s West Coast amphibious ships and a variety of Coast Guard and Military Sealift Command vessels.


506b8012bced2.preview-621San Diego is also a strategic city for the Mexican drug cartels to smuggle their narcotics and other mind, body and soul poisons into America. Just a few miles south of San Diego is the busiest border crossing in our country, the San Ysidro/Tijuana border crossing.

Although I would be cross walking at the border the next day, as I parked Go-Ye-Mobile-2 (GYM-2) in a large downtown residential area of San Diego, my thoughts were on these Mexican drug cartels that have found elaborate and elusive ways to smuggle marijuana, methamphetamine and heroin across or even beneath our border with Mexico throughout this border area.

As I unloaded the 10-foot, 60-pound cross, excitement and expectation filled my spirit with great joy and faith. Today I would walk the cross in an area where thousands of residents and tourists would see the cross.

Placing the heavy cross on my right shoulder, I audibly declared to the Lord of the Harvest, “Today, I am Your mule.  As I walk the cross, I ask You to turn it into Your great spiritual plow and break up the hardened, stony and thorny grounds of people’s hearts and expose the good ground so Your Good Seed, the Word of salvation, can be sown, set, germinate and sprout up unto eternal life in the hearts and lives of thousands…for Your glory and honor. Lord, let this take place not only in the lives of the people living in San Diego, but prepare the hearts of those living in Tijuana as well. Let today’s cross walk be for Your glory and honor…and let tomorrow’s cross walk at the border transform the lives of those living in Tijuana as well! In Jesus Name I ask You for all this. Amen!”


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHeading west and downhill on Broadway, I couldn’t help but smile as I took in the beauty of this large city, with it’s beautiful skyscrapers and the pristine Pacific Ocean below. And even before I began the long downhill walk to my destination, the Broadway Pier, people in vehicles sounded their horns and gave the thumbs-up sign as they passed by. Today this beautiful city and its residents would look in awe at the beautiful and wondrous cross representing the most important event that has ever occurred: the death, burial, resurrection and sighting of the Lord Jesus Christ for the sins of the world!

Like all cities, homelessness is a problem in San Diego. Even twenty-two blocks away from downtown and the hub of the city, men and women pushing carts and asking for help were everywhere. And just like all the homeless and street people I meet everywhere, they were friendly. I always walk up to the homeless, greet them and shake their hands firmly and for a long time as I ask them their names. I also ask if I can pray for them. Many know the Lord Jesus Christ, and so often they not only let me pray for them but they ask if they can pray for me too. Of course! Their prayers are just as important and real to me as the precious souls from my church who pray for the cross walker while I am ministering in out-of-town cities.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI purposely chose Broadway to walk down because many of the city’s civic and government agencies are situated on or around this very busy street, including the huge San Diego Police Department’s downtown complex. As I approached the police department, I knew that this city’s thin blue line was facing some internal problems and that many firings of police officers had recently occurred. Hoisting the large cross upright,  I prayed long and hard for the SDPD, that great revival would break out among its 1800+ police officers, including Police Chief Shelley Zimmerman, who was appointed chief in 2014 and had mandated moral excellence among its officers.

As I prayed, police officers came out to see what was going on. Realizing that I was praying for them, they gave the thumbs-up sign and returned to their duties. I asked the Great Policeman to send forth His thick blue line of angelic warriors to surround and protect San Diego’s thin blue line. I also asked the Lord to reveal Himself strong on the behalf of  these men and women and their families, and that great revival would break out among this city’s thin blue line.

And most certainly, I asked the Lord of the Harvest to send great revival to San Diego’s 1,300,000 residents as well and bring them all to Jesus.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAfter praying long and hard for the city’s thin blue line, I continued the long cross walk down Broadway and toward the ocean. Of course, I talked with hundreds of people and prayed for many souls. I found out that many, many people living in San Diego love the Lord Jesus Christ and that they were not ashamed to ask for prayer even on downtown’s busiest street.

Reaching Broadway Pier, I hoisted the large cross upright, turned toward the city and its tall skyscrapers and prayed long and hard for the people of San Diego, asking God to pour out His Holy Spirit on all its inhabitants. The inrush of God’s Spirit permeated my spirit, and I knew right then and there that the Lord of the Harvest was answering my request. The arrival of revival was, indeed, now taking place!


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERACity Hall! A huge downtown complex, and which is one of the tallest buildings in downtown San Diego. After praying hard at the Broadway Pier for great revival to break out, as well as talking to and praying for many people on the pier, I walked the cross up Broadway and turned onto C Street, and headed for City Hall.

Revival was in the air! I hadn’t felt such a powerful sensation as this since the Compton, California cross walk. Hoisting the cross upright at the front entrance of Civic Center Plaza, I prayed long and hard for the city leaders of San Diego, that they each have or would accept Jesus Christ as their Savior, and that they would allow Him to be the boss and leader of their lives, including their positions as mayor and city council members.

It was noon, and hundreds of people went in and out of the entrance as I prayed loud and proud to the great God and Savior Jesus Christ. As I prayed I would look at each of the individuals passing by so that they would know and understand that I was praying especially for them — that they would become born-again believers in the God who died for their sins and who rose from the dead to prove His omnipotence!

Individuals came up and asked for prayer. The power of God’s Spirit was there, and several men and women rededicated their lives to the living God. Nothing better than to see God restore a relationship with Himself that had, for whatever reason, lost its closeness and love. And that’s exactly what took place under the cross at City Hall — all because grace is greater than all sin and God’s mercy always wins!


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThere just isn’t enough space or time to share the complete cross walk throughout this beautiful waterport and waterfront city. But one thing’s for certain: because of today’s cross walk throughout the heart of the city, San Diego will never be the same! Like the city’s huge transit system, God’s Love Train made many stops today, and many individuals got on board!

The Word of God is omnipotently powerful. Anyone who sees to it that God’s Word and earnest prayer both enter and compete in the race for the hearts and souls of individuals will also witness the ability of the Word to win first place! Takes just a little bit of Spirit-empowered faith to turn a city upside down for Jesus. And today, because God does not want anyone to perish, the Lord of the Harvest poured out His Spirit on San Diego and throughout the city’s diverse fields of souls.

Today’s cross walk had to end. But God’s walk throughout the city didn’t — and hasn’t! Tomorrow is a new day in Christ, and a new cross walk. A cross walk that I’ve been excited about doing for a long time. Tomorrow’s cross walk takes me a few miles south of San Diego and to the busiest border crossing in America: the San Ysidro/Tijuana border crossing. Little did I know what the God of all flesh had in store! –\O/