A beautiful city with two major rivers, the American and the Sacramento, flowing through its land.

Sacramento, California. The first of fifty state capitals Street Evangelist Tom Alexander plans to bring the large cross to and pray hard and long for great revival and great godly sorrow to break out among the people of America. Cross Walk America: Pray USA is a five year mission to visit all fifty state capitals and major cities of America. Sacramento is a beautiful city with a population of over 500,000 souls. As California’s state capital, this is where state laws are made, and where revival must begin for the Golden State’s 39,000,000 souls to personally experience salvation in Jesus Christ and to turn back to the living God.

On September 10 I traveled 300 miles north from Bakersfield (my home town) and checked into my motel room in the mid-town area of Sacramento just after noon. After freshening up a bit, I unloaded the 10-foot, 60-pound cross and began cross walking this large residential/mid-town area. As I walked west on N Street,  I audibly put on and took up the complete armor and armaments of God, described in the 6th chapter of Ephesians and then spiritually ate the fruit of the Spirit as described in Galatians 5. Spiritual warfare is very real, and the spiritual panoply and fruit are essential in the battle against the evil one for precious and lost, confused and blinded souls.



“Lord, let this fellowship be Your spiritual heartlight, porch light, torchlight and spotlight, attracting and drawing the unsaved to You.”

The response to the large cross was diverse. Walking the cross throughout both residential and business areas, I would stop at street corners, hoist the cross upright and pray for the people living and working in those areas, that they all know who Jesus Christ really is and accept Him as their Savior. People would come up and ask what I was doing. When I shared that I was praying for the people of Sacramento, the majority of these men, women and even children would nod their heads and smile, then thank me.

As is my custom, I also hoist the cross upright at every church I pass and pray that great revival breaks out from inside the fellowship and flows freely and powerfully throughout that neighborhood, and that each fellowship realizes that it is God’s spiritual heartlight, porch light, torchlight and spotlight designed by God to attract and draw people like light attracts flies to a light bulb. And, if the people won’t come to them, then the church must go to them, acting as a torchlight and spotlight in its community.



The Cross Of Jesus Is God’s Plus Sign To The World!

In the residential areas I handed out a special two-sided tract card describing the cross of Jesus Christ as God’s Plus Sign to the world. Not one thing negative about the cross of Jesus, but all things positive. Since the 14th anniversary of America’s 9-11 tragedy was the next day, I also handed out a special tract card that encourages individuals to not only ask God to bless America; but that they also bless God by living for Him.

Throughout the residential streets, both men and women would repeat, “I have never seen anything quite like that,” referring to the large cross on a wheel. And, of course, I would ask if they needed special prayer. Many did. Just like any other city I go to, there is nothing more powerful than the sight of people bowing their heads in prayer beneath a large cross on the streets and asking God for His divine help and intervention!



This 2-sided tract card was very popular on 9-11 as I handed the cards out.

The tract cards seemed to minister to the men, women and children in a powerful way, especially the red, white and blue GOD BLESS AMERICA tract. This afternoon cross walk lasted two hours. I wanted to continue but after a long five hour drive I was feeling tired. As I spoke with people on my way back to the motel, I shared that on 9-11 I would be at the Capitol building cross walking and praying long and hard for our Governor and state legislators, as well as Sacramento City’s leaders, including its mayor.

This greatly impressed men and women. Of course, their number one response was, “They sure need prayer.” I would join them in laughter but both they and I know that our state is in trouble, and that it is time for California to turn back to God, and to bless Him for His kindness and goodness to the Golden State.

It was hard to quit this cross walk. But I knew that tomorrow would be a long yet prosperous day in the Lord. Little did I know what God had in store for me — and for all the people who would see God’s Plus Sign, the cross of Jesus Christ!



Church On The Streets! Individuals often walk up and say, “That’s where Jesus did most of His ministry!” Truth.

I could feel the excitement as I left my motel room at 7 A.M. on 9-11 and headed for a quick McDonalds breakfast before heading for the Capitol Mall. I wear a special Cross Walk America tee-shirt whenever I walk the cross out of town. The back says, CHURCH ON THE STREETS. The tees are designed to let people know what I’m doing, as well as showing law enforcement personnel who I am — a friendly street evangelist sharing God’s Good News. Displaying the tees is my way of inviting people to come up and ask questions or ask for prayer. And people do come up.

No matter how busy I am, it is my pleasure and responsibility to pray with men, women and children who come up and ask for prayer, as well as taking the time to ask if they have accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. Inside McDonalds, a man asked about the tee shirt. I shared what I would be doing today, and asked if he needed prayer. Yes he did. Right there in a busy fast food establishment, I prayed audibly for him, then asked if He had accepted Jesus as His Savior. He said yes. He said goodbye, then I ordered a small breakfast. Church On The Streets had momentarily turned into Church In McDonalds!



Praying long and hard at Sacramento’s huge City Hall complex, for great revival to burst out in the lives of city employees.

Some may remember Sacramento’s mayor from his professional basketball days. Elected in 2008 and reelected in 2012, Kevin Johnson is the first African American to serve in that office. Prior to entering politics, he was a professional basketball player in the National Basketball Association (NBA), playing point guard for the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Phoenix Suns. During his 12-year playing career, he was a three-time NBA all-star. And, although I did not get to talk with Kevin as I hoisted the large cross upright and prayed at the huge City Hall complex just a street or two away from the Capitol, I did pray hard for him and all city employees, asking the Lord of life to reveal Himself to them and send forth the Spirit of revival into the midst of all city employees, from the top to the bottom.

Several employees came out as I prayed and thanked me for praying. No matter what city I walk the cross in, city employees are always open to the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and, for some reason, they all value the power of prayer. After a long prayer vigil for Sacramento’s mayor, city councilmembers and workers, I walked south toward this special day’s real destination — the state Capitol.



Capitol Park is huge. As I walked the cross throughout this park and viewed its many memorials, I prayed for great revival to break out among our state leaders.

To get to the Capitol building, you must go through Capitol Park. This huge park boasts hundreds of trees and flowering shrubs, representing more than 450 varieties, as well as a Civil War Memorial Grove and a life-sized statue of Father Junipero Serra, the Roman Catholic missionary sent by Spain to help colonize California. The park’s many war memorials include the California Vietnam Veterans Memorial, and the California Veterans Memorial, honoring veterans from the Mexican-American War, the Civil War, the Spanish- American War, World War I, World War II, the Korean War, the Vietnam War, and the Persian Gulf War.



Tribute to our state’s fallen firefighters. A large wall with all their names is just east of this memorial.

Capitol Park is also the place where the California Firefighters and California Law Enforcement and Peace Officers memorials are located, which were two of my destinations before going to the Capitol itself. At the Firefighters memorial a CHP officer on a a bike approached and asked what I was doing. The CHP is responsible for protecting the Capitol and Capitol Park grounds. He is a believer and his name is Bill.

Bill was thrilled that I was there. He was so friendly to me. I told him I was going to pray for revival to break out among our state leaders, and that I was also going to be praying at the Peace officers Memorial as well. We talked for a long time. Here was a dedicated CHP officer who loves Jesus with all his heart! After a long talk, he said goodby and continued his duty of serving and protecting the Capitol and the Park.



Many people at this memorial when I hoisted the cross and prayed for California’s thin blue line of law enforcement officers.

There were many people at this memorial dedicated to our state’s thin blue line of fallen officers. As I hoisted the cross upright and prayed for the surviving family members and for all our state’s thin blue line consisting of city police officers, county sheriffs and sheriff’s deputies, and CHP officers, some stood and prayed as well. I always ask the Lord of Hosts to protect our thin blue line by sending forth His thick blue line of angelic warriors to surround and guard each law enforcement officer.

This is one of my greatest joys and responsibilities, especially with the recent rash of police officer shootings taking place across our nation. Let us all continue to uphold these men and women who protect California from two gnawing and threatening scourges: unlawful and dangerous anarchy and unlawful and deadly vigilantism.



“Lord, let great revival fall upon our governor and all state legislators…a revival of holiness, righteousness, repentance, and turning to You and Your ways. Amen”

After a special time of prayer at several Memorials in Capitol Park, I walked the cross to the south side of the Capitol, hoisted it up right and prayed long and hard for Governor Jerry Brown and all our state legislators and leaders, asking God to show Himself strong on the behalf of these souls who need Jesus Christ as well…and maybe even more. The legislators were still in session.

The world of politics is often skewed with ungodly laws such as we have in California, but which were voted  or legislated in by a majority who don’t really know the Lord. So we must pray for these elected leaders, that they do conform to the will of God. Hard battle, but prayer is our both our secret and open weapon!



Anthony Sadler, Alek Skarlatos and Spencer Stone were treated with a parade and hometown heroes for thwarting a terrorist attack on a train from Amsterdam to Paris.

On this the 14th anniversary of our nation’s September 11, 2001 tragedy, I knew of the remembrance tribute taking place on the west side of the Capitol. As I walked the cross there, workers were putting together a large stage. I found out that, along with the 9-11 tribute, Sacramento was also honoring the three men from Sacramento who, on August 21, had thwarted a terrorist attack on a train from Amsterdam to Paris.

These three local heroes had already received the Legion of Honor medal from the president of France, and today they would be feted by a parade down Capitol Mall followed by a rally and medal ceremony on the west steps of the Capitol.

Police estimated over 10,000 people came to the event in honor of these hometown heroes and the 9-11 Remembrance Tribute. The atmosphere was electric, and thousands got to see the large cross beneath the huge flag that was displayed across the west side street entrance by two huge hook and ladder fire trucks. So many  people took pictures of the cross beneath the flag, but I never was able to get a picture for this story.


Mounted CHP state police patrolling Capitol Park & Mall during the 9-11 Tribute and Parade.

I didn’t stay for the entire event, but continued cross walking Capitol Mall. Along the way I met several Sacramento police officers, as well as CHP officers on horses. I was able to shake their hands, give them each a 2-sided tract card and shared that I had prayed for them at the Peace Officers Memorial.

I was greatly amazed at the friendliness of these men and women, who didn’t look at me with suspicion, but with great appreciation for praying for their safety. Several shared that they were believers as well.

Let us all remember to pray for all our law enforcement officers who make up California’s thin blue line! That they all come to Jesus…and that they all remain safe and secure as they protect and serve our California communities.



This was the beginning of an estimated 10,000 who took in the 9-11 Remembrance Tribute and Hometown Heroes Parade.

Two days certainly isn’t long enough to walk the entire city of Sacramento. But one thing’s for certain. Because prayer knows no limits, this prayer cross walk will have lasting effects on the people living and working in Sacramento.

To the great God and Savior Jesus Christ, I ask, “Lord, let great revival begin now in this our state’s capital. Let Your Name be glorified throughout this city and in the lives of thousands of new believers. Let Your grace like rain fall and water the seeds of salvation that have now been planted. Let these Good News Gospel seeds germinate and sprout up unto everlasting lives in the hearts and souls of thousands. I ask this in Your mighty Name, the Name above all Names. Amen!”

Cross Walk America: Pray USA! It began on 9-11-15. I pray it does not end until all 50 state capitals and their major cities are prayed for! Amen and amen. \O/