The “Circuit Cross Walker” And Large Cross Beneath The Circuit Rider Memorial.

I couldn’t help but smile as I posed with the large cross beneath The Circuit Rider memorial, which commemorates “the labors and achievements of the ministers of the Gospel, who as circuit riders became the friends, counselors and evangels to the pioneers on every American frontier and symbolic of the many missionaries who came to Oregon.”

God is greater than all the demonic and humanic forces which tried to destroy the city of Portland in 2020 and the Satanic forces of evil that have attempted to keep Salem and especially the state’s political leaders in bondage to lawlessness and corruption. What He was doing now in these and other cities proves His great love for the state’s four million residents.

Of course, I will return to Oregon. This modern-day “circuit cross walker” understands that we must constantly pray for and lift up the people of America and its 50 states, else Satan and his demonic and humanic minions will try hard to undermine the work of God.

But now it was time to journey to northern California and to a city that I have also cross walked and prayed long and hard for three times.


In 2020 During The Covid Crisis And National Riots, The California National Guard Was Called Out To Protect The Capitol. These Soldiers Knew The Importance Of God Protecting Them And Eagerly Posed With The Large Cross!

After returning to Corvallis and staying a few more days with our granddaughter and family, Jeanette and I headed for California’s state capital, a city of  540,000 souls (metro population of 2,100,000 souls). I have already walked the cross and prayed long and hard in this beautiful city three times.

Each time there had been very positive response to the cross walk and combat prayer, especially in 2020, when rioters threatened to destroy the capital and Governor Gavin Newsom was forced to call out the California National Guard to protect the capitol and city.

Staying over the weekend in the Old Sacramento Waterfront area, Jeanette and I were able to visit some of the shops and attractions located in this historic district, a place we had first visited 30 years ago when our children were young.

On Monday morning I cross walked and prayed long and hard for the people of Sacramento, as well as the state’s political leaders, once again asking God to bring Great Revival, Great Awakening and Great Godly Sorrow Leading To Genuine Repentance to this capital city.


God Has Allowed Me To Bring The Cross To This And America’s Other 49 State Capitols And Pray Long  And Hard For Great Revival To Break Out Across Our Nation!

For the next two hours, I walked the cross throughout the Mall area and prayed hard and long for the people of California, and for the state’s political leaders, especially its governor and state supreme court justices.

God’s Spirit was very present, and several individuals asked for prayer, including California Highway Patrol officers assigned to protect the Capitol. Since this was my fourth cross walk here, I knew that God was already doing a great work, not only throughout the Capitol but across the city of Sacramento as well.

Of course, I will return to this state capital and continue upholding my home state in combat prayer. California is truly my main mission field!

In fact, since 2006 God has allowed me to bring the large cross and pray hard and long at 165 California cities! But there are many, many more cities to go. Not only in California, but throughout America as well!

“Here Am I Lord. Send Me!” Amen.

(Part Three Continues The Northern California Cross Walks.)