From mid-1978 to 1982 I was Executive Director of This San Francisco-based Men’s Center And Saw Hundreds Of Men Receive New Life In Christ!

After cross walking and praying long and hard at Sacramento and the state Capitol Mall, we headed for San Francisco, a city Jeanette and I were very familiar with. In 1978 I had accepted the Executive Director position at San Francisco Teen Challenge Men’s Center after working as Associate Director for Kern County (Bakersfield) Teen Challenge for three and one-half years.

For another three and one half years I worked alongside a great team of men dedicated to helping drug addicts and other troubled individuals completely give up drugs and discover a brand new life in Christ Jesus!

In November 2015 I had brought the large cross to San Francisco and prayed long and hard for Great Revival, Great Awakening and Great Godly Sorrow Leading to Genuine Repentance to break out among the city’s 875,000 souls.


It Really Came As No Surprise That Many Individuals Were Happy To See The Large Cross Hoisted Up At City Hall, As Well As Hearing My Loud And Long Prayer For San Francisco.

Seven years later, here I was again! As I walked the cross to my destination (City Hall), memories from the past filled my mind.

Although I didn’t have the time to visit the Teen Challenge Center, pleasant thoughts and memories flashed across my mind. The street I was walking on was very familiar, and I remembered the special times our street ministry had ministered to the individuals living in this area, as well as other Districts comprising San Francisco. Back then, souls came to Jesus often as we shared God’s Good News In Christ and handed out tracts.

And now, as I headed toward the huge City Hall structure, I wondered what the response would be. In 2015 the response had been amazing. Seven years later, the answer to my pondering was swift.

People came up and asked for prayer. Individuals smiled big as they passed by. Security officers nodded in agreement as I prayed long and loud for the city’s 875,000 souls. And the presence of the LORD felt  powerful and near-at-hand. The area around me seemed surrounded by a large invisible bubble shield of divine protection.

And yet…there was also an evil presence that seemed desperate to burst past the bubble shield and disrupt the combat prayer going up for this International city. Though response was very positive, an underlying demonic presence caught my attention and my prayer turned toward rebuking the Satanic forces attempting to thwart the power of the LORD from penetrating the spiritual darkness and filling the city with God’s presence.


24-Hour Security Helps Keep Tent City Residents Both Safe And Peaceful Throughout This Huge Homeless Street Complex.

After praying hard and long for the city’s political leaders and its 775,000 souls, as well as praying against the Satanic forces that wage spiritual war on unsuspecting souls, my attention turned to the huge tent city situated directly across and on City Hall grounds. I decided to walk the cross around the entire Tent City and pray for San Francisco’s huge homeless population as well.

The large complex was entirely fenced in, with thick green tarping draped across the entire wire fencing to keep people from looking in and for the tenants’ privacy. But there were gaps in the tarp covering, and as I walked the cross around the homeless tent city, I would stop at these gaps and hoist the cross upright and pray for the homeless tenants. Some would stop what they were doing and bow their heads in prayer as well.

What surprised me was just how big this Tent City was, as well as the large number of Security Officers stationed and patrolling inside the complex. As I spoke with several of these security officers and shared why I was there, each and every one thanked my for praying for their safety as well as for the peace of the occupants.

Especially at night, Tent City continued to have problems. Drug use was rampant and keeping the peace was an all-night and frustrating effort.

The City Had Decided To Shut Down And Remove Tent City In One Month, To The Dismay Of Its Residents.

In fact, both the security guards as well as Tent City residents informed me that the City had decided to completely shut down and remove the tent city in one month.

As I had prayed at City Hall, there were protesters with large signs demanding that the City Council rescind their order and allow Tent City to remain.

My heart went out for the tent city occupants. But, of course, I understood why the City wanted to shut down the complex. Nighty crime and disturbances were occurring, and the City wanted these men and women to enter Homeless Centers so they could receive the physical, social and mental help they needed.


God’s Plus Sign To San Francisco Looming Tall And Powerful For All To See!

This was a four-hour cross walk. There is no doubt that many souls were encouraged and helped. The cross of Jesus is God’s Plus Sign to San Francisco! As I walked back on  the up-hill street to where Go-Ye-Mobile-2 was parked, I noticed in the far distance a sight that made me  smile.

Easily seen from even City Hall, the large cross atop the church building stood tall and firm against the spiritual darkness that envelops the area. I prayed for the pastor, the church leaders and the congregation, that they would be instruments used by the LORD of the Harvest to bring Great Revival and Great Awakening to the people of this beautiful city by the Bay. Amen!

(Part Four, the San Jose Cross Walk will be published soon.)