A Beautiful City With A Population Of One Million Souls.

After an amazing cross walk and combat prayer time in San Francisco, Jeanette and I headed for San Jose, about 45 minutes from the City By The Bay. This would be my second time cross walking and praying for San Jose and its one million residents, and I looked forward to revisiting a city I had ministered to many times throughout the 14-years we had lived in the Bay area.

Many believers live in San Jose, and this was apparent as I parked Go-Ye-Mobile-2 and began unloading the 10-foot, 60-pound cross. I take my time unloading the cross because people are always curious as to what I’m doing.


The Young Man Liked The Signs On Go-Ye-Mobile-2 And Especially The “JESUS IS THE LOVE OF GOD Banner.

“That’s a big cross!” A pleasant voice filled the air. “Yes it is,” I replied as I looked at the young man who had stopped to talk. “Going to pray for San Jose,” I shared. The young man nodded. “That’s so cool. Thank you for doing that.” We talked for a couple of minutes. I handed him the special 2-sided tracts made for this special cross walk. “God loves all the people living in San Jose. Praying for Great Revival to spread across the entire city.” The young man smiled. “We sure need it!” I agreed. “Yes, every city needs it!” I answered.

He waved good-by and went on his way, reading the tracts I had given him as he walked. I headed for my first destination: City Hall.


Elected Leaders In Every City Especially Need Prayer For Godly Wisdom As Well As Divine Guidance In All Decision-Making And Planning.

San Jose’s City Hall has a huge open area where people just hang out. One young woman was skating. A young man was listening to music from his boom box, though the sound was low. People on their lunch break were taking in the sights of the busy area. Of course, attention turned to the large cross, especially as I hoisted it upright and began praying for San Jose’s elected leaders.

The young man with the boom box shouted out for all to hear, “Our mayor and other leaders sure need prayer!” I nodded without turning toward him and continued praying, both loud and long.

Every now and then I heard “Hallelujah” as I prayed. Clearly the young man was listening to my long prayer. After praying for about ten minutes I walked over to the young man. “You know the LORD?” I asked.

The young man quickly nodded. “I’m a Christian. Enjoyed hearing you pray for our city.” We spoke for a few minutes about the problems facing San Jose, including the gangs that roamed the streets at night. “Do you have any special prayer requests?” I asked him. He shook his head. “Nah, you covered them all when you prayed.” After handing him the special 2-sided tacts, we shook hands and I continued walking south on this very busy main street.

There Is No Greater Feeling Than Hoisting The Cross Up At Street Corners And Praying For Great Revival To Burst Out Across That City.

This was only a two-hour cross walk. But prayer, no matter how long, is very effective when we pray in the Name of Jesus the Messiah and focus our attention on Him as we lift up individuals and entire cities in praise, thanksgiving, supplication, petition and intercession to the One who instructed us to pray to our heavenly Father, who answers the prayers of His people.

All because of His great love for humans and due to the divine fact that He is not willing that anyone should perish! Amen.