Street Evangelist Tom Alexander Praying At Delano's City Hall.

SUMMER OF SALVATION (SOS) 2012 begins! In conjunction with Cross Walk California! Walking the cross throughout the cities of California. Today, the city I will cross walk is Delano, population 50,000 souls and about 30 miles north of Bakersfield. It’s been two years since I last visited this city. Everything seems the same. A friendly small-size city.

As I park the go-ye-mobile, people in their vehicles began to blow their horns in appreciation. Today, I will walk the entire perimeter of Delano, which will take some three hours. But what’s three hours when it comes to souls? Before I lower the large 10-foot, 60-pound cross on my  left shoulder, I ask the Lord of the Harvest to let everyone who sees the cross look upon it as His Plus Sign!

I also ask the Lord to transform the large cross into a spiritual plow. A spiritual plow that will break up the fallow ground of people’s hearts. That it breaks up the hardened, stony and thorny soil in their hearts as well and exposes the good ground so that His good Seed, the Word, finds a place to set, germinate and sprout up to eternal life! I tell the Lord of  the resurrection and the life that I will be His mule.


This Enthusiastic Believer Asked For Prayer For Her Inmate Son.

I also ask God to transform the large cross into a spiritual magnet,  quoting back to Jesus His very words and one of my favorite Scriptures: “And if I be lifted up from the earth, I will draw (attract) all men unto Me” (John 12:32).

And then I walk. And, I let the cross do all the talking! And it does, speaking all the languages of the world, including Spanish, the main language of the majority of Delano’s residents.

As I walk the cross, many people come up and ask for prayer for a loved one or for themselves. The cross is doing its job: getting the attention of the people, revealing itself as God’s Plus Sign, acting like a spiritual magnet, and plowing up the ground of the hearts of hurting people.



Hoisting The Cross And Praying For Delano's High School Students.

Hearts are mended. Lives are touched. People are breaking out with big smiles on their faith…and their faces. A touch of revival is taking place in this city best known as the dividing line for California’s two rival Hispanic gangs…La Familia (the family) and MM (Mexican Mafia). But today, the cross walk is representing the biggest gang in the world…God’s Gang of believers!

As I walk the cross throughout the downtown area, I hoist the cross at the Police Department and pray for Delano’s “thin blue line,” that God’s thick blue line of angelic warriors watch over and keep these men and women safe and secure as they execute their duty to serve and protect. I also hoist the cross at the small Courthouse and pray for the judges and all justice personnel, that they are safe as well as they make decisions which will effect people’s lives for years to come.

Three hours later, the cross walk is over. The job is done for today. But one thing is certain: because today the people of Delano got to see the large cross and a street evangelist praying for 50,000 souls, tomorrow will not be the same for so many!

Glory to the King \O/