Cross Walk California got off to a wintry start in the mountain town of Tehachapi on Tuesday, January 22. The very moment I parked the van and stepped out, snow began to fall. And for the next six hours of cross-walking and praying for this city of 13,000 inhabitants, the warmth of the Son filled my heart as I hoisted the 60-pound, ten-foot cross upright at various downtown and residential locations and prayed for great revival to break out in this mountain community.

The response of the people at the sight of a street evangelist carrying a large cross throughout both commercial and residential streets as snow fell was, to say the least, very upbeat and positive. At City Hall I prayed for the mayor, council members and all city employees, that they give their lives to Jesus and allow Him to lead them in all governing decisions for the safety and welfare of the people of Tehachapi. At the headquarters of the city’s newly incorporated police department I hoisted the large cross upright and prayed for the safety of these law enforcement officers as they carry out their sworn duties to protect and serve and for crime to decrease throughout all of Tehachapi. No policemen in sight as I prayed.

However, it didn’t take long for the police to let me know that they knew I was in town. As I walked the downtown streets, a squad car followed off in the distance, keeping an eye on this stranger who was carrying a very large cross in the falling snow. As I approached Tehachapi’s hospital, I hoisted the cross upright and prayed for everyone inside. The administrator came out, shook my hand and thanked me for praying, and we talked for several minutes as the snow kept falling.

As I continued the cross-walk, a man in a car pulled alongside and softly shouted, “Praise the Lord!” We talked about Jesus and the purpose of the cross-walk for several minutes. Since I was ready to cross-walk to the schools and pray for the students I asked him where the schools were. He gave me directions, handed me a $20 bill, and said he’d see me later. Out of the corner of my eyes, I saw the police car parked a block away. Reaching the junior high school, I started to hoist the cross when I heard a familiar voice. It was Joseph, the brother in Christ who had given me directions. “I live right there!” he said, pointing to a house just across the street from the school. “Told you I’d see you later.” We both laughed, and I invited him to pray with me for the junior high school kids, which he did.

Joseph wanted to treat me to lunch but I told him I couldn’t eat until after the cross-walking day was over. However, he wanted me to meet some fellow Christians so he took me to a restaurant that was owned by a believer. I had a cup of coffee and WE HAD CHURCH! I answered their questions about Cross Walk California, and everyone was praising the Lord, shouting glory, and saying hallelujah!

I asked the small group of believers how I should pray for Tehachapi, so that I could pray with a good understanding of the city’s needs. “Pray against the occult, because it’s strong here,” one believer asked. “Methamphetamine use is bad here as well,” another said. “Too many witches and Wiccans here,” still another one remarked. “Pray for revival in our city.” “For the families.” “For our churches and pastors.” “For me.” Requests kept coming, so I made a mental note for each one, determined to pray over each prayer need.

It was time for me to head out to the prison to pray, so I reluctantly said good-bye and headed for my van. As I drove out into the street, a police car passed by and the officer waved. Apparently the word was now out: this stranger carrying a very large cross in the snow was an okay guy.

Just wish this good word would have reached the prison before I got there. But that’s another story. One you’ll really enjoy reading after getting passed the initial shock!

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