Street Evangelist Tom Alexander At California’s State Capitol And Praying For The State’s Governor And Political Leaders.

CHURCH ON THE STREETS. That’s what it feels like every time Street Evangelist Tom Alexander begins a cross walk throughout one of Bakersfield’s official neighborhoods, as well as throughout the hundreds of other California cities he’s walked the cross in. Whether it’s our nation’s second largest city, Los Angeles, or a popular coastal city like Santa Monica, people respond whenever they see the 10 foot, 60-pound cross coming their way. Cross Walk California has resulted in hundreds of thousands of men, women and children not only seeing the cross on their residential streets, on their way to work, at the school they attend, or hoisted upright at their city’s police station as Tom prays for our thin blue line; but thousands have also rededicated their lives to the Lord Jesus Christ! Just as true, scores of thousands have come up to Tom and the cross and asked for prayer for themselves, for loved ones, or for the nation in general. Countless numbers have accepted Jesus Christ as their personal Savior right there on the streets. And, of course, Church On The Streets is always just a prayer away from great revival taking place in that city! Continue reading to learn about CROSS WALK AMERICA: PRAY USA

Cross Walk America: PRAY USA. In September 2015 Tom also began a 5-year mission to bring the large cross to all 50 state capitals and major cities of each state. On 9-11 ( a date that will forever be etched in the minds of all Americans), Tom kick-started Cross Walk America: Pray USA in Sacramento, California’s state capital. Cross Walk Bakersfield, Cross Walk California and Cross Walk America: PRAY USA are all designed to bring men, women and children to Jesus Christ through prayer and street encounter ministry. God’s Holy Spirit is moving all across the land!

The purpose driven cross walk in Sacramento was quite a success. Hundreds rededicated their lives to Jesus Christ, scores accepted Him as their personal Savior, and many asked for prayer for themselves and for our state leaders as well. Since 2006, Tom has taken the 10-foot, 60-pound cross to 155 California cities and prayed for each city’s residents, mayor, other political officials, as well as  each city’s police force and other first responders. Response to the large cross has always been very positive and a welcome sigh of relief.

Street Evangelist Will Visit All 50 U.,S. States & State Capital, Including Major Cities, Between 2015-2020 And Ask The Lord Of The Harvest To Bring Great Revival To America..


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