Because Everybody Ought To Know!

In 2015 (September), 2016 (February-March and July-August) and 2017 (February -March), my wife and I brought the 10-foot, 60-pound cross to twenty-seven state capitals and major cities of those states! And, in 2018, our plan is to walk the cross in 12 additional state capitals and major cities beginning in March. Of course, there is a very good reason why I am walking the large cross to all 50 state capitals and major cities of America between 2015 and 2020. Our nation is in urgent and dire need of nationwide revival, repentance, great awakening and restoration.

Walking the cross a distance of about ten miles per capital and major city, scores of thousands of people from every walk of life got to see a sight they don’t see every day: a cross walker lugging a 60-pound, 10-foot cross throughout city streets and praying loudly and for long periods of time for the people living in these strategic areas. And God’s power was always released and felt by many individuals at each of the cross walks.


Response to the large cross in each of these twenty-seven  states was very similar. Everywhere we brought the cross, and even as we traversed the freeways and highways in our bright red Go-Ye-Mobile truck from state to state and city to city with the large cross resting inside the truck bed and securely and snugly against the customized truck rack for all to see, people’s hearts were filled with joy as God’s Holy Spirit powerfully reminded each believer (as well as nonbeliever) just what Jesus the Messiah had done for all humanity when He died on the cross some 2,000 years ago.

And, as I walked the large cross from our motel room to the Capital Malls and downtown areas of these twenty-seven state capitals and each state’s larger cities, the response was always very positive and often very powerful, as well as heartfelt. The cross of Jesus Christ is God’s Plus Sign To America! Not one thing negative, but all things positive about His cross and the reason the great God and Savior had to die on the cross for the world’s collective sins.



God’s Spirit Moved On The Hearts Of Many In Sacramento.

Cross Walk America: PRAY USA actually commenced on a very important date in late September, 2015 and at the capital city of the state Jeanette and I live in.

September 11, 2001 will forever be etched in the minds and hearts of all Americans. On that infamous day, 19 militants associated with the Islamic extremist group al-Qaeda hijacked four airliners and carried out suicide attacks against targets in the United States. Two of the planes were flown into the towers of the World Trade Center in New York City, a third plane hit the Pentagon just outside Washington, D.C., and the fourth plane crashed in a field in Pennsylvania. Often referred to as 9/11, the attacks resulted in extensive death and destruction, triggering major U.S. initiatives to combat terrorism and defining the presidency of George W. Bush. Over 3,000 people were killed during the attacks in New York City and Washington, D.C., including more than 400 police officers and firefighters.

Fourteen years later and on September 11, 2015, I brought the large cross to California’s state capital and spent five hours walking throughout the Capital Mall, praying for the Golden State’s political leaders, as well as all 39 million souls living in the nation’s most populous state. Response was amazing as well as heart- and eye-opening for many individuals to say the least!

A special 9/11 event honoring the three area heroes from Sacramento who had on August 21 thwarted a terrorist attack on a train from Amsterdam to Paris was planned for noon this day. These three local heroes had already received the Legion of Honor medal from the president of France, and today they would be feted with a parade down Capitol Mall followed by a rally and medal ceremony on the west steps of the Capitol. Over 10,000 people not only got to observe this special parade and ceremony event, but they all got to see God’s Plus Sign to California—the cross of Jesus Christ.

My prayer on this special occasion: “Lord of the Harvest, I ask You to send forth Your Spirit of Great Revival, Great Awakening, Great Godly Sorrow Leading To Repentance and Great Restoration throughout the Golden State and into the hearts of all 39 million souls! In Christ Jesus Name, I pray. Amen.” I fully believe that the Lord of the Harvest definitely heard and is now answering this heavy-hearted prayer of faith.



Congressional Aides And Staff Members Watch As The Cross Man Prays For Arizona.

In February, 2016 Jeanette and I brought the large cross to the Copper State and its beautiful state capital. Although Phoenix has a population of over 1.5 million souls, the freeway drive to our downtown motel was quite easy. After a peaceful night of rest, I unloaded the large cross from the Go-Ye-Mobile and headed toward the Capitol Mall, about 18 blocks away.

The streets were crowded with commuter traffic and I was so glad to see so many people driving to work this early morning. That meant more people would see the cross! And, as I have found out after all these years of walking the cross throughout California cities, most of the time response to seeing the cross is positive, upbeat and often quite festive, as God’s Holy Spirit fills hearts with praise and elation as they remember what Jesus did for them!

People waved, honked their vehicle’s horn or gave the thumbs-up sign as they passed by. Today was going to be a great day! The weather was just right, the mood was upbeat, and an entire state of almost seven million souls were going to be earnestly prayed for in the Name of Jesus Christ at the epicenter of the state’s heart and soul—the Capital Mall.


But just a couple of blocks into the walk, an angry voice cut through the traffic noise. “If I wasn’t in such heavy traffic I’d get out of my car and beat your  a**.” The man’s threat sounded dead serious and I made sure that I kept an eye on his vehicle as the traffic slowly but surely moved along. As I have often shared with my caring wife, if someone  ever tried to harm me I would defend myself and make sure that I didn’t get hurt. But I would always speak words of peace and calmness to a physically or verbally aggressive individual. And…I would always loudly and audibly ask the Lord Jesus Christ to rebuke the spiritual entity behind a person’s threat or rage.

The angry motorist disappeared from sight and I praised the LORD of Hosts for keeping me safe. I have always realized that the two most important things I had to do before walking the cross was: (1) Literally and methodically put on and take up all seven vital parts of the armor and armaments of God, as listed in Ephesians 6, and (2) literally “eat” and consume the nine fruit of the Holy Spirit listed in Galatians 5 in contrast to the various works of the flesh listed there as well. And I had done this both vigorously and somberly prior to this walk! The armor and armaments—or panoply, as the Greek word reveals—of God serves to fully and powerfully protect, and the fruit—indeed, much fruit—of the Spirit serves to empower and strengthen my human spirit with the divine love and burden necessary to really care for and pray for  the different types of people I interact with each cross walk.

As I walked the cross to the beautiful Capital Mall, hoisted the 10-foot cross upright and prayed, I felt in my spirit the dunamis power of God implode and explode like a mighty firestorm and quickly spread throughout the Capital Mall and engulf the entire area. I asked the LORD of hosts to reveal Himself strong on the behalf of the state’s governor and politicians as well as all seven million Arizonians, and to began a statewide revival throughout the land. (note: dunamis is one of the Greek words the New Testament utilizes to reveal and explain God’s omnipotent power and might. Our English word “dynamite” is derived from this Greek noun.)

After a three hour cross walk around the Mall I walked to the downtown area of Phoenix and prayed long and hard for the city’s mayor and political leaders, as well as for the city’s Thin Blue Line, that all law enforcement officers are they themselves kept safe and protected as they execute their duty to serve and protect the people living in Phoenix.

God answered my prayers on this warm February day. Arizona is currently experiencing a revival and return to the living God in a way that can only be explained as a miracle from above. Everybody need Jesus. The large cross points people to the Risen Savior like nothing else can. In a real sense, the cross talks to the hearts of people. And when it talks, both saved and unsaved sinners must take notice. And they do! Amen.


Santa Fe isn’t the biggest city in this small state, but it is truly an amazing city.



Praying Long And Hard At Oregon’s State Capital Mall.

In July, 2016 we took the cross to Salem, the capital of Oregon, as well as Portland. Response to the cross and the audible and long prayer at the Capital Mall was very positive and, just like in Sacramento, several individuals asked for prayer for a family member or loved one.

As is my custom, after hoisting the large cross at each of the capital’s four main entrances, I lifted the cross from off the ground then softly but firmly slammed the 10-foot crux onto the cement pavement and asked the LORD of Hosts to release His “dunamis” power like a mighty and powerful firestorm and send forth the Spirit of revival, great awakening, repentance and restoration from this ground zero location and throughout the entire state of Oregon.

I sensed the dynamic power of the one true God do just that—burst forth like a spiritual atomic bomb at ground zero and slowly but surely and powerfully spread across the Beaver State like a powerful and unstoppable firestorm of great salvation and unending grace!


I prayed long and hard for Oregon’s governor and all state politicians, that God would reveal Himself strong on the behalf of these men and women and bring them to Himself (Zechariah 12:10). I asked the LORD of Hosts to also reveal Himself strong on the behalf of the state’s entire population of four million souls.

After praying long and hard at the Capital building, I walked the entire Capital grounds, talking with and praying for many men and women, both tourists as well as state workers.

Response was very positive. There are many believers living in Salem. But there is also a real tolerance for sin, including homosexuality and other sexual immorality. Because it is also my policy to bring the cross to each city’s City Hall and pray for local leaders, I walked the short distance to Salem’s City Hall, hoisted the cross upright and prayed long and hard for its mayor, as well as for the safety and righteousness of the city’s police chief and police officers.

God has us bring the large cross to Oregon and Salem and the Capital Mall twice in 2016 (February and November). The November cross walk also included bringing the cross to the Oregon cities of CorvallisEugene and Medford. Just as in Salem and Portland (where we specifically prayed at the city’s downtown police station and for its Thin Blue Line, which was under threat of assassination attempts by the city’s largest gang), response to the cross walk was very positive in these three Oregon cities as well.


Street Evangelist Tom Alexander Praying For The Emerald State’s Seven Million Souls.

After cross walking Salem and then Portland, we headed for Washington state.

The state of Washington, like Oregon, is very beautiful. But just like Oregon, the use of marijuana for recreational purposes is legal in the Emerald State. As I walked the cross from our motel room to the Capital Mall, I beheld the mental, emotional, moral and spiritual toll that drug use had already taken on the lives of men, women and children.

Jeanette especially couldn’t help but feel great sadness for the youth of Olympia. As the two of us walked the downtown area later that day, we saw so many young people sitting on sidewalks or at outdoor venues and who looked so lost, so lifeless and so emotionless.

There was no question in our minds that drugs, including cannabis products, were to blame for the large number of life-numbed, dead-end street youth hanging out and doing nothing at all but staring into space or other vacuum-less chasms and futile-looking futures.


Certainly, I met many believers who were living in Olympia. But they each expressed their concern and sorrow as to what drugs, including cannabis products, were exacting upon the lives of Washingtonians. As I walked toward the Capital Mall, I began to pray heavily against the spiritual forces of evil that were now hovering over Olympia and the entire state and swaying the mindset of its people into actually believing that cannabis products are harmless and benign, asking the God of truth to break every chain, enslavement, bondage, yoke, dysfunction and addiction and set all chemical captives free from the grip of not only the so-called benign cannabis drug, but all other mind-altering, mind-damaging drugs as well.


Just as in Oregon, I then asked the LORD of Hosts to release His “dunamis” power at this ground zero (the Capital Mall) like a mighty spiritual firestorm and send forth the Spirit of Grace and Supplication throughout the entire state and its seven million residents, releasing His divine revival, awakening, repentance and restoration in the lives of every person living in the state of Washington.

There were great victories in this state and Olympia as I walked the cross throughout this capital city of almost 50,000 souls. And, as Jeanette and I left the state of Washington and headed for Idaho, our pledge was to continue to pray for the Emerald State—that, indeed, God’s great salvation will prove to be so much stronger than the tug and pull influence of any drug or other vice and firmly convince millions to accept Jesus as both Savior and Lord. Amen!


Asking God To Send Forth Great Revival Ans Restoration To Idaho.

The drive to Boise from Olympia was a sightseer’s paradise. The route took us along the Snake River. Jeanette and I couldn’t get over how green Oregon, Washington and Idaho were. Living in a dry, parched and water-starved valley of California, we just weren’t used to so much water and so much green grass. As we drove into Boise for the night, we both felt refreshed and invigorated—not only from the great response of people living in Oregon and Washington states, but from the beautiful drive.