Help Stop Graffiti

Named after uncivilized barbarians of Roman times, Vandalism (including graffiti) is the willful or malicious destruction, injury, disfigurement, or defacement of any public or private property which does not belong to the individual or individuals committing the criminal act. Vandalism, including graffiti, communicates or signals six negative things to both residents and nonresidents alike, and which perceived to be or are actually present in a damaged, defaced, or plighted neighborhood:Graffiti in Schools

  • gangs
  • drugs
  • crime
  • danger
  • apathy
  • defeat

These six perceived or real negative factors are responsible for creating the idea that residents of a particular neighborhood have an “I don’t care anymore” attitude and/or “I give up on this neighborhood” mentality. Graffiti paints a mental picture of a run down neighborhood, regardless if it occurs in East Bakersfield or Seven Oaks. Since taggers especially like to spray graffiti on walls at parks and schools, diligent residents can take a proactive action by calling the two numbers below.

For graffiti removal from city property,

including parks, call: 661-32-ERASE (661)323-7273

For graffiti removal from schools,

call Teen Scene’s “Off the Wall” Project: 661-331-6628

Adopt Your Neighborhood School

Adopting a neighborhood school or park and keeping it graffiti free is also a very proactive way to keep our city both clean and safe. Jeanette and I have adopted Castle Elementary (about three block from where we live), which is located next to a park. The Title One school had often been the target of graffiti vandals. But now that we immediately paint over or remove the graffiti once we see it, vandals have simply moved on to other schools. With the blessing of the principal, we have also supplied the custodians with free paint so they can also remove the unsightly graffiti. Stores such as Orchards Supply Hardware have graciously and eagerly donated paint to the Castle School for this specific purpose. To find out how you can adopt a school and help keep it graffiti free, call Teen Scene at 661-831-9042.