Crosswalk California is a statewide extension of Crosswalk Bakersfield, which began in March 2006 and continues to this day. After cross-walking every major and sub-major street in Bakersfield between March 1 and August 31, 2006 and then bringing the large 60-pound, ten by five foot cross to all 125 public schools, hoisting it upright at each school office and praying for the city’s 65,000 K-12th graders, Street Evangelist Tom Alexander and Crosswalk Bakersfield now focuses on the large gang problem in the city of 325,000. Crosswalk Bakersfield is currently the main ministry of Teen Scene/Soul Wars, Inc.

Crosswalk California startss up again in mid-January, 2009 and continues thru December 31. From California’s Southwest towns bordering Mexico to its northernmost towns bordering Oregon, Crosswalk California 2008 will bring the message of the cross to every major and sub-major city and town (including many small towns) in the Golden State’s seven geographica/topographical regions: North, Sierra, Valley, Bay Area, Desert, South, and Coast.

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