The most important thing you can do for my ministry in Christ as I walk the cross throughout California is to pray for my family and me. Your prayers are very important to the success of this commission from the Lord. Pray for Teen Scene, Soul Wars, Bakersfield Street Church, Cross Walk Bakersfield, Cross Walk California and Church On The Streets, as well as our ongoing youth projects, Nope to Dope, Gangbusters, Run from Guns, and Off the Wall.

If God leads you to support these ministries financially, we accept donations through PayPal. Press this link or the “donate” button on the right. If you prefer, you can make your check out to Teen Scene, Inc. and mail your tax-deductable donation to:

Teen Scene, Inc.
Box 10551
Bakersfield, CA  93389
(661) 331-9769

Your prayers and support are important to the continuation of these people-helping ministries. I ask you to partner with Teen Scene and help this street evangelist bring God’s Good News to the people of California. Thank you for your special help.

–Street Evangelist Tom Alexander

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