Street Evangelist Tom Alexander At California’s State Capitol And Praying For The State’s Governor And Political Leaders.

CHURCH ON THE STREETS. That’s what it feels like every time Street Evangelist Tom Alexander begins a cross walk throughout one of Bakersfield’s official neighborhoods, as well as throughout the hundreds of other California cities he’s walked the cross in. Whether it’s our nation’s second largest city, Los Angeles, or a popular coastal city like Santa Monica, people respond whenever they see the 10 foot, 60-pound cross coming their way. Cross Walk California has resulted in hundreds of thousands of men, women and children not only seeing the cross on their residential streets, on their way to work, at the school they attend, or hoisted upright at their city’s police station as Tom prays for our thin blue line; but thousands have also rededicated their lives to the Lord Jesus Christ! Just as true, scores of thousands have come up to Tom and the cross and asked for prayer for themselves, for loved ones, or for the nation in general. Countless numbers have accepted Jesus Christ as their personal Savior right there on the streets. And, of course, Church On The Streets is always just a prayer away from great revival taking place in that city! Continue reading to learn about CROSS WALK AMERICA: PRAY USA
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Posted by Tom Alexander on July 31st, 2019


Grace isn’t just a salvation gift of unmerited favor from God. It is also a divine Holy Spirit empowerment and enduement that gives believers both the desire and ability to do God’s will.

The 10-foot, 60-pound cross was now constructed. Home Depot in Juneau became part of the Alaska cross walk when the hardware store allowed me to build the cross inside their premises. As mentioned in Part One, two employees even helped in the construction of the cross!

A “Godincidence” took place immediately after I walked the cross to outside the store’s exit. To my complete surprise, a taxi drove up at the very moment I left the store. You can read about this genuine and awesome angelic encounter in Part One.  And, although I have had two other powerful encounters with LORD Sabaoth’s “ministering spirits sent by God to aid those who are heirs to salvation” (Hebrews 1:14), this “angelicophany,” or visible manifestation of an angel of God, was completely unexpected.

But this is so God! And this is God’s grace to His people in time of great need. I was willing to walk the cross seven miles to my downtown hotel room. But God knew I needed His help. SO HE SENT THAT HELP.


At Home Depot and getting ready to transport the large cross to my downtown motel.

Jeanetta was the taxi cab driver. Told her my wife’s name was Jeanette and she smiled really big. As we drove toward the motel, Jeanetta shared that she was 69-years-old, had just lost her husband two years previously, and to keep herself busy she took up driving a taxi fourteen hours a day, five days a week. On the weekends, she visited her grandchildren.

Of course, we talked about the young man she had dropped off at Home Depot. “He was an angel, you know.” Jeanetta’s voice quivered with excitement mixed with reverent fear. “He told me he was supposed to meet someone at Home Depot.” I was still caught up in the Spirit, so I just listened. “God must really be with you,” Jeanetta continued. “And you have come here to pray for our city and state. That’s awesome!”

Jeanetta did most of the talking as we drove to my downtown hotel. I was very content just to take in everything that had taken place, a big smile on my “faith.” We reached my motel, unloaded the cross in the middle of the busy street, and I reached in my pocket to pay her. “It’s already taken care of,” she informed me, her smile just getting bigger and bigger. “You are doing more for our city than what money can buy.” I stood speechless, smiling all the while. “God bless you with a very successful mission.” With that, Jeanetta jumped into her cab and took off.

Franklin Street is Juneau’s main street. It was overflowing with traffic. But I just stood there in awe. Read the rest of this entry »


Posted by Tom Alexander on July 29th, 2019


State and State Capital #41. The Last Frontier.

On July 26 as my flight landed at Juneau International Airport from Seattle and via Los Angeles around 10:15 P.M., I had plenty on my mind. My number one concern was, How and where was I going to construct the large cross for the 5-day cross walk?

The cross would be just like the one I had made in Honolulu, Hawaii back in May, a replica of the 10-foot, 60-pound cross that Jeanette and I have brought to thirty-nine of our nation’s contiguous states so far. Just like in Hawaii, I couldn’t bring the large cross on my flight. But unlike Hawaii, I didn’t have a place to construct the Alaska cross. In Hawaii, I stayed at the large YWAM (Youth With A Mission) compound). Here, I was staying at a downtown Juneau hotel.

Taking a taxi to my hotel room, I unpacked before calling it a night. God’s plan for me of how and where building the cross would take place began to unfold in my mind as I drifted into a very pleasant sleep. The last thing I thought of before falling asleep is a phrase that encourages me every time I read or think of it: FAITH DOESN’T MAKE SENSE. IT MAKES MIRACLES.


To be strong in the Lord and in the Power of His might, we must put on and take up the full panoply of God—and eat much fruit of the Spirit.

I awoke at 5:oo to an early and beautiful light fog and misty-rain Juneau  morning. It was already light. After showering, I ate the breakfast food my life-wife, Jeanette, had packed for me, read my Bible, and spiritually put on and took up the 7-part panoply (armor and armaments) of God as detailed in Ephesians 6 and then spiritually ate much fruit of the Spirit (the nine fruit of the Spirit mentioned in Galatians 5). Anytime and every time I walk the cross, I first put on and take up the full panoply of God and eat much fruit of the Spirit to prepare myself for the upcoming battle for souls in the diverse and large fields of souls.

Jesus Himself shared in John 15 the four degrees of fruit-bearing: no fruit, fruit, more fruit and much fruit. The full panoply of God is extremely powerful but unless I had an abundance of agape-love pouring out of my Spirit, I have noticed that I sometimes come across as an uncaring, insensitive and brash believer rather than  a caring, compassionate and sensitive street evangelist. I ALWAYS FEEL THE DIFFERENCE EACH TIME I FIRST ARMOR UP AND EAT MUCH FRUIT OF THE SPIRIT.


Brought these with me. All I needed now was the wood and a place to make the large cross.

As always, God gave me His plan. To a degree, it didn’t make any sense at all. But then again…faith doesn’t make sense; it makes miracles! But I knew where I was going this morning. After contacting a a taxi service, I waited downstairs and outside my hotel. With the cross wheel assembly and cross-making hardware in hand, I took in the street scene as I waited for the cab.

As I waited, I noticed a young man a few few feet away who also seemed to be waiting for someone. I waved and greeted him. “Beautiful morning in Juneau.” He smiled and nodded in agreement. Clean cut and about thirty-years-old, he seemed hesitant to take up a conversation. So I gave him the thumbs-up signal and waited for my cab to arrive, all the while noticing that he just stood there, occasionally looking at me and then turning away.

My cab arrived, so I waved at the young man once more, then hopped into the taxi. After sharing with the driver my destination, for some reason I looked around toward where the young man was standing. NOBODY THERE!! That is odd, I thought, as the cab entered the street and began the seven-mile journey to Home Depot.

MORE ABOUT THIS YOUNG MAN LATER!!!! Read the rest of this entry »


Posted by Tom Alexander on July 25th, 2019

Street Evangelist Tom Alexander at his hometown’s well-known gateway sign to the city. Cross Walk Bakersfield has been happening since 2006.

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