Street Evangelist Tom Alexander Hoisting The Large Cross Upright And Praying At Compton's City Hall.

Since 1973 (when I became a believer) I have always wanted to go to Compton and share the Gospel. Now, after a successful cross walk in East L.A. and downtown Los Angeles, here I was. Walking the large cross on the sidewalk running parallel with Compton Avenue, I immediately was taken back by the friendliness of all the people passing by in vehicles, as well as the large number of believers.

So where was the rampant crime and the dirty streets and the jailhouse mentality of all the people who live here that I had heard about so often when this city’s name came up in a discussion? ¬†For all I could tell, Compton was a great city to live in. One that seemed to have had a major transformation of sorts. Read the rest of this entry »